Friday, February 29, 2008

Corn's Enlightening, Inspired, Completely Unbiased and Magnificent Post of the Day

In case you didn't know, Greg Popovich instructed Brent Barry to "not pull a Stackhouse" when he got traded last week. And, since the Spurs have one of the smartest front offices in the league, they made sure to keep Barry close to home. They knew Presti (a former Spurs disciple) would buy Barry out -- because they told him to. They also asked Brent to pretend like he was interested in joining other teams, all of them of championship caliber. In doing so, they asked him to gradually whittle down his choices until he got to the Spurs and their most hated enemy, the Suns. So, Barry teases the Suns with his possible signing and then decides that his "family" means more to him, so he stays in SA. WHAT A FREAKING SHOCKER!!!! Who did not see this one coming. Anyone who didnt think Barry was going straight back to the Spurs is full of crap. Yet another well timed, smartly played, up-yours gut punch both to Phoenix and the NBA at large. This is why they are champions and also why everyone outside of that useless city hates them. Even Texans don't like San Antonio. Why should we?

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