Thursday, February 7, 2008

Channing Frye Is NOT LaMarcus Aldridge

I just found Channing Frye's blog.

Thanks, Jesus! Love you, too!

Every NBA Player should have a blog. Especially Jason Collins. We can call it "Mr. Trillion."

Here's the best reason so far to read it. Things like this:

My women like the long-hair look and everyone keeps getting me confused with Lamarcus Aldridge because we’re the same height and almost the same build so I decided to be the different one, lol. So yeah, that’s the bet: if the Patriots lose, I’ll cut my hair.

You guys may not even care that I made that bet but I do. I’m starting to really like my little fro.

There are so many reasons this is amazing. First, let's take "My women." So he has multiple women. Not unheard of. Thing is, he posts earlier that he's got a girlfriend he's committed to, and talks about. That's also awesome. So who's "his women?" Is that his mom? This is amazing.

Next, how about the sheer hilarity that he keeps getting confused with LaMarcus Aldridge. Can we have a game show, where we ask people if it's LaMarcus Aldridge or Channing Frye? We can call it "Name That Blazer." You could do the same thing with so many players.

Chandler, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Keep writing.

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