Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breaking News Open Thread: Kidd to Dallas, FINALLY

ESPN's reporting it's a done deal.

Leave your feelings below.

Ours? We'll be updating this, but here's what we've got so far.

me: dallas and jersey close to a deal

Corn: just read it
did you see what all the mavs are giving up though?
me: it's jason kidd, that's what you have to give up
they better pray dampier stays healthy
Corn: that seriously depletes the dallas front court
now they only have 1 center
and 1 somewhat reliable PF
Sent at 2:01 PM on Wednesday
me: oh God
they're also trading for antoine wright
he's terrible
he's absolutely horrible
Corn: from what i read, it was kidd and darrell armstrong
Sent at 2:03 PM on Wednesday
me: kidd and malik allen
they've got a second trade in the works
wright for a second round pick
Corn: why even draft the kid if you are going to do that to him
me: well, they didn't know they'd tank the way they are
and the mavs are SOLD on brandon bass, is what this tells us
Corn: true
Sent at 2:06 PM on Wednesday
Corn: even if they dump all those players for kidd, they are still REALLY deep
dirk will have to pick up a ton of rebounding and post defense slack though
which will seriously fuck up his offensive game
Sent at 2:12 PM on Wednesday
And this, from the Blowtorch...

Blowtorch: Devin Harris is going to be pissed.
2:52PM CST: Mavs Moneyball is not happy with this idea.
Post link reactions and whatnot in the comments.
3:19PM CST: HoopsWorld calls it official.

MavsCentral says Sefko says it's not.
I'm ready to call it, since Yahoo! is. I trust Skeets.

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