Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings Round 6

HP was honored to host this round's NBA MVP and ROY Blogpoll. The rankings are comprised of votes by a highly esteemed panel of bloggers who use a complicated system involving pulleys, levers, and the cult classic film "I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!" to determine the MVP and ROY rankings at the moment. Points are granted for each vote in a descending scale thus a first place vote in the MVP rankings counted for ten points, second place was good for nine points, third place counted for eight and so on. In the ROY rankings a first place vote counted for five points as only five rookies are ranked.

Our esteemed panel:
College Wolf from TWolves Blog
Ben from Third Quarter Collapse
David from 20 Second Time Out
Brett from Queen City Hoops
Josh from Dinosty
Tom from Indy Cornrows
Tom from Sactown Royalty
Ben Go from Thank You Isiah
TexSun from Bright Side of the Sun
Jeremy from Pick Axe and Roll
Ron from My Utah Jazz
Lee and Dave from The Dream Shake
Matt/Corndogg from Hardwood Paroxysm
The scholars from We Rite Goode
Clipper Steve from Clips Nation
Ricky from Sixers 4 Guidos
Spartacus from 3 Shades of Blue
Jim from Green Bandwagon
Our friends from Nets Daily
Tom from Celtcs Blog
Ryan from Hornets 24/7
The man who got this crazy ball rolling, Alex from Brew Hoop

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Here are the point breakdowns:

NOTE: The Chris Duhon vote was an obvious gag, but noteworthy following Duhon's 34 point threekakke last week.

1. LeBron James:
Over the previous 17 games LeBron has played in Cleveland is 14-3 and he is averaging 32.1 points, 6.8 assists and 9.2 rebounds. Beyond the stats LeBron is the only player who can do almost anything he wants, anytime he wants to do it. His play screams MVP."- Jeremy, Pick Axe and Roll

2. Chris Paul:
Call me CP3. If you call me C-3PO, I'll use the Force to choke you like Darth Vader on a bad day." - Spartacus, 3 Shades of Blue

3. Kevin Garnett:
"The MVP award is his to lose in terms of the mainstream media voters but I still would not take him over the physically dominant Howard, let alone the wondrously gifted Kobe and LeBron."- David from 20 Second Timeout

4. Kobe Bryant:
The Black Mamba is poised to strike at any and everything in his path now that he has The Spaniard backing him up. God, do I hate the Lakers."- Spartacus, 3 Shades of Blue

(Ed. Note: What if, now that he has Gasol, when Bynum gets back, Bryant actually gets... better? (Gulp.) Kobe's officially hit "scares the living sh*t out us territory for the first time in his "solo" career.-Matt)

5. Dwight Howard:
"His stats are slowly declining, as teams have started figuring out the Magic. It’s becoming more apparent that D-Ho is a one trick pony (so to speak), in comparison to the other top MVP candidates. At least Howard is in the MVP discussion, which is more than ZaZa Pachulia can say." - College Wolf, TWolves Blog

(Ed. Note: Even we have abandoned the cause. Oh, Big Baby Jesus. We knew you well. There is hope for the future, though, of course. Just keep posterizing an increasingly weak set of Eastern frontcourts, you'll get there. -Matt)

6. Steve Nash:
"Again he seems like he’s going to decline, again he just has a better year than the one before" - Dream Shake

7. Tim Duncan:
" As Billy Corgan would shriek, "You know I'm not dead!" Also, "Thank you, Cache Creek Indian Casino and Resort!"- Tom from Sactown Royalty

8. Dirk Nowitski:
"Dallas has the fourth-best record in the league, yet hardly anybody talks about Dirk. The rumors of his fall back to Earth have been greatly exaggerated."- Ben Q. Rock from 3rd Quarter Collapse

9. Chauncey Billups:
"He's efficient, but he's ugly. And I'm not just talking about his hard-nosed game."- Ryan from Hornets 24-7

10. Carlos Boozer:
Hottest team in the league. Awesome complimentary point guard. Monster numbers. It's too bad absolutely no one notices the guy. Except Cleveland. They tend to notice him. Not for the same reasons, though.


1. Kevin Durant:
"All season long he has been shooting like his butt’s on fire (and not in a good way.) However, since the last edition of the Rankings, he has been shooting better than his 40% season average (other than the stinker of a game on Friday night in which he went 2 for 12 from the field.) The reason he’s still in first is simply that no other rookies stand out enough this season to challenge him for the top spot."- TWolves Blog

(Ed. Note: "The two sweetest words in the English language! De Fault! De Fault!"- Homer Simpson- Matt)

2. Al Horford: "Big Al threw down his first 20 rebound performance of his career and is playing very well, but he just does not carry the same burden that Durant does for his team. "- Jeremy from Pick Axe and Roll

3. Luis Scola:
He's scored in double figures in seven of the last eight, is a major contributor on a team that is 18-4 in 2008, and the Rockets are 6-0 since he was inserted into the starting lineup. He is the ONLY rookie making a major contribution to a team over .500." - ClippersNation

4. Jamarrio Moon:
How much must it suck to be known as the 2nd best 27-year old rookie in the NBA? I imagine he'll take some solace in the fact that he'll be participating in the dunk contest, at least."- 3 Shades of Blue

5. Sean Williams:
Eats babies. Fouls them, too, which he needs to work on."- Third Quarter Collapse

(Ed. Note: Hi. Welcome to "Benefiting from better players on better teams splitting the vote.Population: Sean."- Matt)

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