Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ball Movements 2.28.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

It's Like There's This Giant, Slow, $20 Million Hole In My Heart: What? Lakers versus Miami is no longer the battle of the century? Nooooo! Oh, Lord. You know who I feel sorry for? Matrix. I think Matrix is happy, and he'll end up helping rebuild the Heat. But tonight he's going to get killed, which as to be frustrating. He's about to get killed by a team he's got a long history with, and he's got no one to back him up besides Wade. We guess Matrix will take Odom tonight, and Wade will get Fisher. Which means Ricky Davis on Kobe at some point. Help us all. Miami at LA Lakers, 7:30PM PST.

Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's... 2006? (Via the Corndogg): I fully expect the Mavs to win this game. All signs point to that, logically. They are playing in San Antonio. They are still incorporating a huge talent/ego into their unique team concept. They are up against the second hottest team in the league, who have the best player since the All-Star break (Manu). They are thin inside and they are running a lot more. The weird thing is, the Mavs team of two years ago (yeah, that one. The one that got robbed in the Finals) looks quite a bit more like this team, than the one that brought in Kidd a couple weeks ago. Dirk seems happier and more focused. No one feels stale or redundant. Player expectations are loosened up a bit. Oh yeah, that was the team that crushed SA in the Western Conference Semis. And, in case you forgot, I got my picture taken with Cubes (and althought I am hot and blond, I am not a chick. However, Mark had been knocking back the Hurricanes, so I guess he didn't really care). And, that's where the magic happens! Huzzah. Dallas at San Antonio, 7PM, CST.

Not As Crappy As We May Have First Believed:
I'm scared to say anything for fear of jinxing it... BUT... this might actually be a pretty good game tonight in New Jersey. Devin Harris might start. The Bucks are 4-6 in their last 10, but that's an improvement. Diop has not played well so far, so the Bucks might be able to bang down low. Vince Carter versus Michael Redd? And Charlie V versus Richard Jefferson. I likey. I can't believe it, but this one might actually be fun to watch. Plus, I get to root against the Douchebag. Milwaukee at New Jersey, 7:30PM EST.

Random Wikipedia Analogy Of The Day: We often wonder what it must be like playing for the Heat. We imagine it's hot, and dry without the cool thirst-quencher of success, and it must feel like you're trapped inside a giant horseshoe barrier. Much like Lake Torrens National Park in Australia.

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