Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ball Movements 2.27.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

1-2-3 No Take Backs (Via the Corndogg): Somebody, please give these guys a mulligan. Bibby is as helpful to Atlanta as mosh pits are to agorophobes. Hey Billy Knight, next time try trading for an actual POINT GUARD. Not a 6"2' guy who wants to shoot more than Joe Johnson. And well, Sacramento just gave Miami their first win in a month. So, at least the whole do-over element is a great storyline for this craptastic start to the evening. What you got now, Sekou? Sacramento at Atlanta, 7PM EST

You Can't See The Corn Nugget For The Giant Steaming Pile (Via the Corndogg): That is my take on the "can't see the forest for the trees" bit, but I just decided to Indiana-ize it a little big. What we do have tonight are a few guys who actually care for the Pacers. Mike Dunleavy has really brought his career back from the dead. CLEAR! And Danny Granger is quietly having a very productive season. Even Jeff Foster reportedly had "trade value" before the deadline was over. But, the only thing you hear about is Jermaine's crying and Tinsley itchy trigger finger. However, this team always looks tired and run down. Which gives the young Bulls (well, except for Larry Hughes) a chance to get out, run, not play Ben Gordon and look terrific. Strangely, this is a pretty good matchup. Chicago at Indiana, 7PM EST.

Because Tonight, Baby, I Wanna Get Freaky Which-U (Via the Corndogg): Matt found this little nugget (no relation to the previous post) earlier today. So, I read it, and the first thing that came to mind was... 100 POINT FANTASY NIGHT IN YAHOO! I don't know if that has ever happened, but it just well might. And that would be a great thing, since I have Howard on my team. I mean, you have your Robert Swifts, you Jason Collins-s, even your Chris Webbers, but this sure ain't gonna be pretty. I could care less is Rashard Lewis's hands are on fire and Hedo Turkoglu is threekkake-ing (I think I invented a new word) with his eyes closed. Tonight, all things must pass through BBJ, cause his numbers are just gonna get, well, FREAKY. (Side Note: I apologize in advance to Calvin Booth. I am sure you are a good guy). Orlando at Philadelphia, 7PM EST.

You Do It Enough Times And You Might Go Blind (Via the Corndogg): Its called "Winning." The Raptors, with a team full of young shooters, are gonna have some off nights and lose games they shouldn't lose. Minnesota, with a team full of scrap metal, should probably lose about every game. However, the T-Wolves took it to the Jazz last night and the Raps are 4 out of their last 5. So, somethings gotta give and I expect that to be the Raps, who have severe mental lapses at times. This is what could be referred to as a winning streak, Minny! Minnesota at Toronto, 7PM EST.

It's To The Point Where You Might Have To Tell Wally That The Ball Has Aids (Via the Corndogg): Not like that would stop him, filthy bugger. But Lebron needs to sit the Decent White Hope down and tell him that he got traded for, not because he IS Larry Hughes, but because he is better than Larry Hughes. When Wally is just jacking up shots, he really screws everything else up... which is why no team ever wants to keep him around! (Why am I smarter than all the GMs in this league). Or, Lebron could just keep some of that talcum powder he throws up in the air before every game and throw it in Wally's eyes every time he squares up to shoot. Hey, even a stupid dog can be trained. Might be time to start the process with Szczerbiak. Either that, or watch Lebron score 35 and still lose to the Celtics. Which will happen. Cleveland at Boston, 7:30PM EST.

Great Motor And Upside: Did you know that was almost the name of HP? We were "this" close to making this Great Motor and Upside. Unfortunately/Luckily, all the possible blog names were taken. And so, instead, we are the most often incorrectly spelled NBA blog on the internet. We're #1! We're #1! Speaking of upside, Clips and Portland tonight. That's a battle of developing teams. LaMarcus Aldridge versus Kaman. Outlaw versus Thornton. This is actually not bad. The Blazers need a win to try and settle themselves. They're without Roy though. Which means the Clips will probably be screaming after every turnover, "Now you know how we feel!" Portland at LA Clippers, 7:30PM PST.

Warning: Falling Debris: They should post this sign outside of the Sonics arena (soon to be home of your new D-League Team!). Denver is in Seattle to take on the Sonics. The Nuggets should kill these guys. There's not a single matchup where Seattle has the edge. Not one. The Nuggets have multiple All-Stars. The Sonics have none. The Nuggets have a Defensive Player of The Year. The Sonics have Francisco Elson. And yet. It's the Nuggets. They could lose to the Bakersfield Jam, just because they lack any sense of consistency. So why not? Also, be sure to tune in to watch Kevin Durant make another ill-advised drive for a dunk that results in him getting rejected like me at the club sophomore year (shiny shirts are cool!). Last night Brandan Wright sent him packing. What do you think the huge Nuggets will do with him? Denver at Seattle, 7PM PST.

War Within A Breath: Discipline. Talent. Rebounding. Defense. Shooting. Aggressiveness. Swagger. Awkward White Guys. It's Utah. It's Detroit. Let's get it on. This is pure, unfathomable war. Carlos Boozer and D-Will have been trying to get things back on track for the Jazz who are coming back to earth. The Pistons, meanwhile, are gearing back up for the playoffs, and killing everything in sight. The superstars are out in force tonight, and it's a terrific matchup. The Jazz must get out in front of the Pistons and run. On the flip side, the Pistons guards have got to be in top form, because they're going to need the extra pass tonight. This is mean, sharp basketball. We just hope there's blood. Lots of it. Detroit at Utah, 7PM MST.

Wait, Can We Go Back To Christmas, Please?: You remember December. The Hornets and Suns were the best in the West. No one was questioning the Hornets' bench. No one thought the Suns had pulled off the worst trade in franchise history. Those were the days. Instead, tonight is yet another benchmark on whether the Hornets have the guns necessary to last down the stretch, and whether Phoenix is completely and totally screwed. So that's fun. No pressure guys. It's still a ton of talent on the floor, though, so it should be fun to watch. Phoenix at New Orleans, 7PM CST.

How Low Can You Go?!: Charlotte at New York, 7:30PM
EST. Nuff said.

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