Monday, February 25, 2008

Ball Movements: 2.25.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

Live From Indianapolis, Hoosierfest 2008!: Indiana and Toronto hook up tonight in a battle of two of the whitest teams you'll meet. As Dinosty phrased it this morning: "ten white guys, no tans, lots of hair everywhere." Bargnani's been redonkulous lately, and "Doomsday' has been out of his mind. But then again, the Raps lost to the freaking Knicks last week. So who knows who comes out on top tonight? Also? Mike Dunleavy Jr. is a huge dork. That is all. Toronto at Indiana- 7:00PM EST

It's A Bonzi Bonanza!: Wells suits up for the Hornets tonight as they host the Wizards. The Wizards can't catch a break. Tuff Juice isn't even coming on this road trip, they're pushing back Zero's return date, it's all doom and gloom over there. The Horents are in kind of a slump as well, having lost their last 2, and going .500 in their last 10. A beaten up and disheartened Wizards team should be the cure tonight, though. But watching Tyson Chandler and David West verus Antawn Jamison and Brendan Haywood should be fun. Washington at New Orleans- 7:00PM CST

For A Good Time Call 1-800-Trade-Ben-Wallace: You know, the Bulls don't look half bad since the trade. Tyrus and Noah look good as a tandem. and even Hughes and Gooden seemed to embrace the run and gun last night. Well tonight would be a good time for one of those "good nights" from the Bulls as they head to Dallas to take on the Mavs, who seem to have assimilated Jason Kidd to the Cuban Borg and are now primed to destroy. The Mavs have a lot of firepower, but the Bulls can defend. Still, somebody for the Bulls is going to have a monster game to overcome the Mavs' firepower. Chicago at Dallas-7:30PM CST

Looks Like Somebody's Got A Case Of The Mondays (Via the Corndogg): Great way for Atlanta to start the week. Heading to the Alamo City to take on Manu "The Human Torch" Ginobli and the 5-in-a-row Spurs. Good thing that whole Shaq trade has been a debacle so far, as it keeps people from wondering why Mike Bibby has now become one of the worst starting point guards in the league. But then again, in the East you do not need actual victories to make the playoffs, so Joe Johnson has a shot to really lead his team somewhere this year. And that would be right back in the lottery. Atlanta at San Antonio- 7:30PM CST

You Can't Handle The Rondo (Via the Corndogg): So, Rajon gets to lead his suddenly vulnerable Celtics to LA tonight to take on Sam Cassell and his Diamond Cutter. Good news is that Sammy is likely to get cut soon, so that he and Rondo can go drink some Sam Adams together at the local Irish Pub in Wendham. Or, the better case scenario is that Cassell stays with the Clips, they continue to lose (much like they will tonight) and we get some more great soundbites out of him. Then he explodes. Boston at LA Clippers- 7:30PM PST

There Is So Much Thug In Denver Tonight, We Might Have To Call Primo Brezec (Via the Corndogg): Let me rephrase that. There is so much quality basketball yet to be played by two highly competetive, championship caliber teams that we might need to appreciate the hard work and determination of the participants more fervently. NAHHHHH. The Pistons are smart and experienced enough to not let that flattering bitch slap on the Suns affect the way they handle their biz tonight. The Nuggs couldn't get them no Cheddah, so they still slippin'. Expect a tough, physical match-up tonight, but the Pistons can really strike some fear in the hearts of the league tonight with another mauling. Plus, Matt LOVES Jason Maxiell, so that's good too. Detroit at Denver-7:00PM MST

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