Friday, February 22, 2008

Ball Movements: 2.22.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

Well, Here We Are. All Still Here. Awesome: Raptors need a big man? Primoz Brezek. ERRRRRR! Knicks need a massive roster shakeup. No moves. EERRRRRRRRR! The difference? The Raptors can conceivably make the second round. The Knicks couldn't make the second round of the NIT. Tonight they meet and you'll see the gap between the two. Chris Bosh versus Eddy Curry should be downright hilarious. Calderon against Crawford should also be a laugher. The Raps need a strong finish to the season, and winning the games they should is vital to that. Raps at Knicks, 7:30PM EST.

The Long Slide To The Blender: Will somebody take the Bucks' picture? Because I won't remember. GM will be gone. Coach will be gone. Veteran stars will be gone. This team is headed for wipe it clean and start overville. Population: Yi. They did, by some grace of God, manage to beat the Pistons the other night, though. The Pistons are wobbling just a touch. If they lose to the Bucks again? Rasheed Wallace is going to kidney punch Stern for making him play in New Orleans. Milwaukee at Detroit, 7PM CST.

This Is The Dawning Of The Age of NoahTyrus. NoahTyrus!: Thank God. As a Bulls enthusiast (I'm not really fans of anything but Our Lady Peace and LOST), the trade made me giddy. The Vaunted Veteran Leadership got it's collective ass shipped out of town, and now it's Noah and Tyrus time. Turnovers and dunks, here we go! The other hope I have is that Kirk Hinrich will take this opportunity to go, "Oh, yeah. I'm really, really, ridiculously talented. Huh." The Nuggets, meanwhile, find themselves in the 8 spot, dangling on the precipice. Again. This is a must-win for them. Why? Because they're in the Western Conference playoff race. Which means every game from now until April 19th is a must win. Denver at Chicago, 7PM CST.

Let's Get It On!: Rockets at Hornets tonight, and this one makes me tingly in my jibblets. In the figurative sense. Of course. Rockets have won 10 straight. Hornets have won 5 in a row and are the top spot in the West. Tyson Chandler has to contain the Dynasty. Rafer Alston has to shut down CP3. And T-Mac versus DWest in a style versus force matchup. I may watch this one thrice. Houston at New Orleans, 7PM CST.

The Thrill Is Gone: Boston in the desert to take on Phoenix. Phoenix looked good against the Lakers, and lost mostly due to the fact that the Lakers shot an absurd 57% from the field, which of course, no one is mentioning. Boston is struggling. The thought was that getting KG back would push them back to where they were when they were killing everyone. But they've looked decidedly pedestrian for almost three weeks now, and it may be time to acknowledge that this team has definite weaknesses. That said, there's a definite feeling that they can hit a new level at any time. That same feeling is not present with the Suns. Instead, the Suns seem like, "Oh, yeah. They're a really good team." But the thrill is gone. Maybe tonight we'll see the pinacle of both teams' potential and it'll be one for the ages. Or it could be another good contest between good clubs that could have been great. Boston at Phoenix, 7:30PM PST.

The Chemicals Between Us: Atlanta's a game back of Philly for the 8 spot. Bibby has not, ahem, transitioned seamlessly into the Hawks' offense (read: he looks like ass covered in mayonnaise and left out in the sun for ten days, then humped by a rhino). They have to get it together. They have a great opportunity tonight against a Warriors team coming off of a huge emotional win over the Celtics. The Warlocks don't play defense. Ever. So now's as good a time as any to get those big athletic bodies in the air, Hawks. For the Warlocks, they're a half game back of the Nuggets for the 8 spot, and just like the Nuggets, have zero margin for error. Win two games and you can be the sixth seed with some luck. Lose two games and that could be the end of your season. No pressure, Dizzle. No pressure. Also, there will be a MASSIVE rebounding advantage for the Hawks tonight. Biedrins is out with appendicitis (get well, buddy!), and the Hawks have Horford. The Hawks need to kill them on the glass to get out of the Roaracle with a win. Hawks at Warriors, 7:30PM PST.

One More Time: There will be no celebration tonight. Just like last night, one near-playoff-but-not-quite-wait-till-next-year team meets a whoops-we're-not-that-good-but-wait-till-we-move-to-OKC-with-all-this-cap-space team. Should be entertaining. And by entertaining, I mean, fun to watch Gregg Oden's hair. Portland at Seattle, 7:30 PST.

Well, If You Can't Kill Isiah, How You Gonna Mess With Superman? (Via the Corndogg): So whatever team kidnapped the Sixers and took their places so they could demolish the Knicks (and the team's collective confidence) the other night better hope no one knows where they hid the bodies of the former Philly players. If that team shows up tonight and Dalembert can hold DHo in some semblance of check, we might be looking at Philly all but sewing up the 8th seed in the East. Ha ha ha, I made a funny. But, you gotta admit, they are looking better.

King Nothing (Via the Corndogg): There could not be a more appropriately titled song for this game. The Kings are a nothing team who got nothing from Artest yesterday and are hoping he wont opt out. Jordan, the former king of the NBA, is a nothing in the front office and still regularly trots out the Human Nobody, Jeff McInnis, in his starting lineup. Sure, the level of Suck in Sactown does not even compare to Charlotte, but you gotta think Ziller and the boys are not liking the looks of the Kings, at least in this year's playoff race. As for Charlotte, at least Ammo comes back next year, right?

Maybe Next Year (Via the Corndogg): Nets versus Pacers? And, then again, maybe not. For clarification, this title is not to suggest that these teams will be any better next year. What it does mean is that at this time, next year, we might actually have seen Vince Carter and Jermaine O'Neal traded. You would think their teams would finally have enough of them, like a woman on Jerry Springer who can reconcile her husband's cheating, until he does it with an animal. Kind of like that. As for tonight, get your white out. I am expecting a monster game for Mike Dunleavy, mainly because Carter and Jefferson are allergic to defense. Kind of like the way Larry Bird is to making good trades.

L for Lebron (Via the Corndogg): I know he is Sanctified. Diefied. Rarified. Chicken Fried. Hog Tied. Cried and Cried. Seriousl, whatever Lebron James is, tonight he will have to be that (and a bag of chips, or a 60 point game) to have a chance against the Wizz. Sure, Washington is hurt too, but after Ferry shipped off half the team (Im not linking to it, you can just read any blog and that is what they are talking about today) and Boobie got a boo-boo on his ankle, this could be some choppy waters for Cap'n Lebron and his bunch of sea monkeys. You want an MVP moment, you got it.

Kaboom!!!! (Via the Corndogg): No, Wallace and Heisley did not decide to blow up the Grizz (bad idea). Cuban did decide to blow up the Mavs (TBD). However, if I were you, I would save my energy, skip the Grizzlie disembowlment coming tonight and prepare yourself for the HUGE explosion of #2 Tennessee at #1 Memphis tomorrow on the college hardwood. I mean, seriously, do you really even care about that Kidd trade anymore? That's like being Melo fan. He ain't as good as Lebron, and D-Wade already has a ring. Why even bother? Should be a great showdown in The River City, just not tonight.

The Western Conference's Bastard Little Redhead Stepchild (Via the Corndogg): Hey guys, remember us? We are the Utah Jazz? We have an All Star and probably the best young PG in the West (at least when he is head to head against CP3). We made a great trade too. We are 9-1 in our last 10 games. We are almost unbeatable at home. We have matchup nightmares at every position. Hellllllllooooooo? Can we get some respect? Just because we play in the whitest city in the NBA, that don't make us Rodney Dangerfield. Its not our fault that we got the Clippers tonight. We know beating them ain't gonna do anything for us. But seriously, its always Kobe, Steve and Dirk. Wah, wah, wah.

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