Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ball Movements: 2.21.08

Welcome to Ball Movements, formerly the 15 Footer. Please watch your step and keep all hands, feet, and other objects inside the movement.

Win 10, Get Green Free: The Rockets host Miami tonight. The Dream Shake predicted ten wins, and they're at the door step. They've traded crap and gotten back Bobby Jackson and Gerald Green, but they won't play tonight. Meanwhile, the Heat are still a mess. A slightly better looking mess, but a mess nonetheless. I guess. My wife sometimes wears a dress. I like to play chess, I confess. Anyway, this is a pretty easy route to 10 wins for the Rockets, who have jumped all the way to the 7 spot in the West. Which makes no sense, and therefore makes perfect sense.

The Man (Or Men) That Wasn't There: Seattle's in Portland tonight. A list of players that no longer play for either team or are in the process of being traded and so won't be in action tonight: Delonte West, Wally, Ira Newble, Donyell Marshall, Adrian Griffin (Vaunted Veteran Leadership!), Kurt Thomas, Von Wafer and Taurean Green. So don't ever say superstars don't get traded! But hey, it's Roy versus Durant, that should be fun. Portland needs this one. NEEDS it like a junkie needs money to feed his kid so that kid can make a sweater he can sell to buy some more smack.

Slow Moving, Solid Production Is Always Preferable To The Runs (Via the Corndogg):I had the genius idea of renaming our daily post " Ball Movements" because all of the games tonight are crap. The one redeeming thing about this pile, is that you have 2 teams that were involved in trades recently, but only one of which actually benefitted (I will let you guess which one that is). The Spurs will continue their meandering towards destiny tonight after they pummel the lowly T-Wolves. Kurt Thomas gets to have an 8 million dollar giggle before he suits up and Al Jefferson gets to witness, up close and personal, what a Championship winning power forward looks like when he has a front office that is competent and cares. Shouldn't it be about time Mr. Longoria came back? We need some new jokes.

Random Wikipedia Analogy Of The Day (Via The Random Wikipedia Link. I Click, It Spits, I Rip): Man, the whole world seems different. And just think about where we were a month ago! Now Gasol's a Laker on the (arguably) best team in the West, Shaq's in Phoenix, Kidd's a Mav, Bonzi's a Hornet, and Big Ben and his fat contract are gone from Chicago. You know what this means? Things get even more interesting from here on out. It's a New America.

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