Friday, February 29, 2008

Ball Movement 2.29.08

There are other games you can watch tonight, as always. But honestly? There's only one you should. And we feel like not giving it extra special attention would be a crime. So we only have one ball movement tonight. You should in no way think this has anything to do with Corn's girlfriend moving to North Carolina today or the fact that it's Friday and we don't give a crap because of all the posting we've done this week. See you Monday, kiddos. Sporadic postings this weekend, come by if you get a chance.


If You Want Blood, You Got It:
We love teams that hate each other. And the Jazz and Hornets hate each other. We want these two to be in Western Conference Finals for the next five years. Deron Williams loves beating Chris Paul. LOVES IT. It's like morphine for him. The man goes bezerk when he sees him. Conversely, the Hornets need to put a win streak together in order to get some distance from the pack. Tyson Chandler versus Boozer could get downright nasty. David West presents matchup problems for anybody, but the Jazz can throw some different looks at him. CP3 needs a knockout game tonight, because you know Deron-Run-Run will be en fuego. So settle in, get comfy, grab a beer, turn on the WWL, and witness the Bloodsport. Kinjate!

Utah Jazz at New Orleans Hornets, 8PM EST, ESPN

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