Tuesday, February 12, 2008

15 Footer 2.12.08

15 Reasons To Watch The Games In The NBA Tonight:

1. Perhaps They Can Distract Them With Some More Humorous Tales of Rookie Shenannigans: Detroit in the ATL tonight to face the high flying, low defending Hawks. Atlanta's lost two after their little home upswing, but they are 15-10 at home. Unfortunately, the Pistons are 17-9 on the road. Count us in on the list of folks that think the Hawks need a trade to make sure they don't collapse down the stretch. They're so close to the playoffs! You know what they're not close to? Beating the Pistons. Smith fills a stat sheet, but Sheed takes out his "I got picked for the All-Star Game, Wah" angst on the young, small Hawks frontcourt.

2. I Say Just Dump Scalabrine Off At the Interchange Where He Belongs: Seriously, doesn't it make more sense for Scalabrine to be in Indiana? Red hair exempted, the man's too big of a goof to be on the same team as General Pierce and Lt. Rondo. Consider this our monthly "We Underestimated The Guy" moment: Rajon Rondo is good. Really good. Spectacularly good. He's efficient, he's smart, he plays hard, and he gets the job done. You could say the same thing about most of the Pacers. But you'd be wrong for saying so. Pacers host Juggernaut, tonight in Indy.

3. With Their Powers Combined... They're Still Only A Sub .500 Team: Minnesota hosts the Nets tonight. The Nets seem to be trying to pick up the pieces of their season just in time for the playoffs, which would be just about their norm. They've won 2 straight, and are only 9-12 against the West, which isn't too bad. Meanwhile, the Wolves come off of another heartbreaking loss to the Celtics and a 23 point embarrassment to the Raptors. It's anyone's guess how they'll respond against a weak team like the Nets, but having Krstic back for the Nets is obviously helping. The Harbinger will need to play well tonight.

4. Putting The F For "Fugly" In "Frontcourt": Just a little preview of tonight's Kings-Grizzlies game. Brad Miller. Spencer Hawes. Darko Milicic. Kwame Brown. Okay, if you made it through that without vomiting, congrats! Now try watching this thing. The Kings should have no problem with the Grizz, and that's a bad sign. Usually we point to the Kings as a winnable game on most teams schedule. Even if they're not elite, you should at least have a shot against the Kings. The Grizz? We honestly can't think of a single team they have a clear advantage against.

5. Terrible Starters Versus Terrible Bench, Volume 1: Hornets in the Windy City to take on the Bulls. The Hornets have no bench. At all. The Bulls have no starters. At all. So expect some pretty tremendous runs. This should also be a pretty meaty battle down low. Ben Wallace. Tyrus Thomas. Joakim Noah. David West. Tyson Chandler. Oh, wait. Ben Wallace is clinically dead, and Thomas never sees the light of day. That's right.

6. I Can't Believe It's Not Televised: You ever notice how Denver is on TV practically every week because of the star power? For some reason, Miami and Denver isn't on TV tonight. Not even League Pass. Odd. Anyway, if you're in a local market, this one should be downright neato. Lots of scoring, Marion trying to help the Heat finally get off the snide, and Wade versus AI. Plus, Linas Kleiza, if you haven't gotten a chance, is totally worth watching.

7. Kind Of Like Keep Away, With Mike Dunleavy, Jr.: The Celtics have a +2.6 rebound margin. The Pacers have a -.9 rebound margin. So expect Big Baby Davis and Powe-Powe-Power Wheels to have huge nights. If the Pacers beat the Celtics, we're making next Tuesday "Mike Dunleavy Jr." Day here at HP. So let it be written, so let it be done.

8. All-Star Weekend Preview, Only With Tyronn Lue: Joe Johnson's an All-Star. Horford's in the rooks game. Chauncey Billups is an All-Star. Rasheed Wallace is an All-Star, even though he doesn't want it. And the rest of the Hawks' team could be the dunk contest participants (in any year but this one). Plus, Rip's in the 3-point contest! See these amazing talents and more! An much like the All-Star Game, this won't be much of a game at all. If you squint, Sheldon Williams looks like Kevin Garnett. Seriously!

9. Whither John Salmons: If you haven't had a chance to, take some time and watch the Kings. You're watching a team with a ton of potential, with some great young players, with some talented pieces, with good management, with great coaching, and two players in the starting lineup that won't be there at the end of the month. It's fascinating, like the first season of LOST. You know what else has to do with the LOST?

10. Live Together, Die Alone: This should pretty much be the Bulls' motto. Everyone's ragging on them, everyone's piling on them. They have injuries. They lost their coach. They're plagued by trade rumors. AND YET. The could move to half game back of the 8 seed tonight with a win over the Hornets. Unfortunately, the black smoke monster and the Others have nothing on David West and Chris Paul.

11. Clearance Sale! Every Asset Must Go!: Gasol's gone. Mike Lowry's on the block. Damon Stoudemire's gone. Mike Miller's on the block. The Memphis Grizzlies have pretty much turned into a KMart that's in it's last week before closing. You can get anything left for $.90, but there ain't much left. So if you're hoping your team will make a move, tune in and watch the Grizzlies and say to yourself, "Yes! We can get that undersized small forward with poor field goal percentage!" Sell! Sell! Sell!

12. Expect Us. : The Hornets have learned that you doubt their voracity. We have decided you must be destroyed. Though no one knows who we are, even in our own city, we have the second best record in the West. We use a rare combination of outside shooting and talented guard play to offset our tremendous presence inside. We defend well. We defend you. We are the Hornets. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

13. Ridiculous Salary Of the Night: $3.7 Million. That's Gregg Buckner. Good for 4. 0 points and 2.2 rebounds per game. Not THAT is money well spent, there, McHale, you franchise crashing jackass.

14. Trillion Watch: Gregg Buckner! Vaunted Veteran Leader Adrian Griffin.

15. Random Wikipedia Analogy of the Day (Via The Random Article Link; No Cheating): How bad are the Grizzlies? Oh, I don't know... Bad enough to get beaten by the Coventry Phoenix?!

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