Friday, January 18, 2008

We Know Who The Hell Linas Kleiza Is.

TrueHoop's got a great interview up with David Thorpe about who the hell Linas Kleiza is after the 41 point Bukkake he put on last night.

Now, we understand when he says that everyone in email and blogs is wondering who the hell Linas Kleiza is. Most people don't.

But we do.

Why? Because I, Matt, myself, went to Mizzou. I've been watching and keeping an eye on the big Lithuanian for years.

In fact, both me and the Hardwood Paroxiwife are MySpace Friends with Mr. Kleiza, along with 1,220 other people.

The best part is that Linas actually added the wife when she was living in Denver, before we got together.

Now, I'm not trying to be presumptuous, but the wife isn't exactly the biggest NBA-fan. Kleiza added her.

Which could mean that he did a search for girls in a certain age group living in Denver that went to Mizzou.

That Linas. Premier scorer. Super Pimp.

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