Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We Done F*cked Up

There's a great Henry Rollins bit where he talks about touring with Cyprus Hill. And he mentions how Cyprus Hillis just two guys, two mikes, and a DAT machine. Well during one show, the DAT machine became unplugged. So the music just sort of died.

Most bands would just go on, trying to fake like nothing was happening.

Not Cyprus Hill.

B-Real gets up and says, in that f*cked up voice,

"Guess what ya'll?"

Crowd: What?!

"We f*cked up!"

The crowd roars.

"I want ya'll to say, 'Cyprus Hill, ya'll f*cked up!"

Crowd: Cyprus Hill, YA'LL F*CKED UP!

And they went on.

Well, guess what, ya'll? We f*cked up.

We tried to keep track of all the big blogs out there, and add them all to the list for the Blogger Awards Nomination email (VOTING BEGINS IN APRIL! -end shameless plug).

Then we found out we left off YAYSports.

Our first appearance on the Carnival, and we're "Some blogspot guy" that left him out. Jesus, it makes us sound like we're posting poetry and pictures of our kittens. On this blog, instead of our other one.

We fail.

In our defense, we were relying on our fellow bloggers to cover our tracks, but regardless, we should have caught that one.

Our bad, YAY.

We feel like Brendan Wright if he took a dump in Boom Dizzle's shoes.

Although, we would like to note that we prefer the term "link panhandling" instead of "link-whoring." We're not pretty enough to whore ourselves out.

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