Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Night Shootaround 1.13.08

The Sunday Night Shootaround looks back on the week that was. It'll be appearing weekly from here on out. WHAT?!

Sunday nearly killed Raps nation as the LeBron Legend put another chapter in the books. His Highness scored 39, 24 in the fourth quarter, to beat the Raps by 3. Dinosty did not take it well, which is understandable.

Monday brought in two terrific games no one saw, as the Suns put up 78 points in a half, blowing out the Nuggets, pretty much to shove it in Basketbawful and I's face. Then the Warriors and Spurs went to overtime, before the Warriors pulled off the upset. Unfortunately, because the NBA TV executives are morons, no one saw it. You cannot tell me Ohio State is more exciting than Captain Jack and the Warriors.

Tuesday brought a new low for the Bulls. A home loss to the vaunted pathetic Knicks. BlogABull continued on their Prozac journey of disheartened enlightenment. Meanwhile, the "Reggie Theus, Coach of the Year '08" campaign got started in earnest, as the Kings knocked off the Magic. The case was made rather eloquently for Chauncey Billups' inclusion in the All-Star game.

Wednesday brought us Family Feud, NBA style, the most underrated players in the league, and the Worst. Halftime. Show. Ever. The action that night was about as typically insane as it gets in the Association. First the Bobcats topped the Celtics in Boston behind JRich's 34. This was, as they say, foreshadowing. The Suns, meanwhile, lost Steve Nash to a stomach bug, Grant Hill to an appendectomy, and Marion to an elbow injury, and still beat the Pacers. Congratulations, Eastern Conference. You're still not that good. The Lakers also beat the Hornets in a huge game, prompting massive paroxysms of joy from Kurt of Forum Blue and Gold. Oh, yeah, and KIA bought the NBA Season Awards, proving their utter pointlessness.

On Thursday, Kelly Dwyer over at Yahoo tried his hand at liveblogging for the first time in a while. He wasn't around for the curb-check the Jazz gave the Suns who were without Nash, Marion, and Hill. Meanwhile, FreeDarko unleashed AK-Goodness and proved that Jazz can dance.

On Friday, PHDribble dropped another great piece on the essence of a true center. We fired the salvo in the war for in-game entertainment not inspiring violence in our souls. Dirk explained why Pippen sucks. Jason Kidd got another triple-double. You'd never believe it, but they lost anyway. Dwight Howard revealed he's a dad. And oh, yeah, the Knicks lost again. Why is this important? Because it means the apocalypse might be upon us: Dolan's considering firing Thomas.

Yesterday, Jamario Moon made this the most anticipated All-Star dunk contest in years. The Celtics lost again. To the Wizards. Yeah, we know. We can't believe it either.


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Bloggers of the Week:
My Utah Jazz
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Quotes from the Hardwood Paroxiwife for the week:

On Avery Johnson:
Wife: ""I could be an NBA coach. If that guy can and he can't even see over his players..."

On the Dallas Mavericks:
Wife:"It sucks that Stack has to play with a guy named Dirk."
Matt:"You mean, the MVP? Yeah, it's terrible."
Wife:"But he's ugly. And his name is Dirk. He's bringing down Stack's stock. I stand by this... Maybe Stack stands on the other side of the team for team pictures.

On the Suns:
Wife: "The Suns scored 78 in a half? Aren't they supposed to hate themselves?"
Matt: "Yes."
Wife: "... Maybe you should stick to POST-game analysis."

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