Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Play Call: Wednesday January 9th, 2008

Random thoughts on the NBA from Wednesday, January 9th.

Brew Hoop's got the lowdown on the Bucks' win last night over the Sixers. Interesting notes, as always from those guys. Particularly interesting is the phoenix-like rise of two suckheads this season.

-Charlie Bell: Basketball Disaster took a night off as Charlie Bell: Valued Support Player made a rare appearance, this time for the second game in a row. Two 20+ games, even with average shooting, if Bell can just get something, anything going, the Bucks can go from horrific disaster to mid-level growing team.

-Charlie Villaneuva is alive! It's true! He's alive! And he scored 15 with 10 boards tonight!

- Yi got owned. This is unsurprising. Yi's at that stage where rookies start to run out of steam. The important thing for the Bucks is to get to a point where everyone's just playing up to snuff. Then they can reach for above-snuff levels.


Via The Association, Rasheed Wallace can throw the basketball at the basketball hoop really really well.

Today's theoretical question: If we were to actually get the All-Star Horse competition many of us clamor for, what five players would you want in the competition? (Side question: Do you remember when Simmons didn't make you want Boston sports teams to simultaneous suffer crippling league penalties (as opposed to losing your 32nd pick instead of the seventh) and laugh, laugh, laugh at his misery? Those were good times.)


1. Sheed
2. Zero
3. Kobe
4. Nash- Because of the soccer skillz.
5. Ricky Davis- How amazing would this be?

Also, first loser has to grow a beard for the rest of the season.

I was at first flabbergasted when Chicago lost to New York tonight. I mean, The Knicks? Isiah Thomas' Knicks?

But then it hit me.

This is just not Chicago's year.

It's not about the lack of an inside scorer (though they need one). It's not about Scott Skiles. It's not about the vacuumous black hole of Suck that is Ben Wallace (though he is the worst acquisition in the last five years for any Eastern team).

What's more likely, that the last three years have been aberrations, lucky outliers, a random upswing? Or that they're just having a bad year?

I think if this team doesn't get blown up next year, they could get back to where they've been, and where they should be.

The biggest problem I see for them? Ben Gordon. Why? He's a pure scorer.

Look at the best teams in the league. Boston. Detroit. San Antonio. Phoenix. New Orleans.

They're built with players that can do multiple things on a court. There's not a pure scorer on those five teams.

Gordon is a liability in every phase of the game outside of scoring. His defense is sub-par. His court vision is invisible because he's always looking to shoot. He doesn't rebound. And he cannot run the offense. Him running point makes my eyes bleed.

Chicago would be better served finding two all around players than giving this guy his money, and I like Gordon's scoring. But the Bulls need more all over the court.
Rockets have won 3 of 5.


It's time to start shopping TMac. You can't get equal value for him. Who cares? Would you rather say you didn't get screwed in a trade or win more games?
Clearly, the Bobcats were motivated to prove to Corn they were worth watching more than this.

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