Monday, January 14, 2008

Osi Umenyiora Defeats Eddie Curry

That's right. Knicks fans were screaming so loud at the Giants-Cowboys game (Suck it, Romo)that Eddy Curry missed two free throws.


The Knicks took control during a second-quarter stretch that featured some of the loudest cheers of the season at Madison Square Garden - though they weren't for the Knicks.

A timeout coincided with the Dallas Cowboys' final drive in their 21-17 loss to the New York Giants, so the MSG staff played the football game on the overhead scoreboard - with some fans even chanting "DEFENSE!'' while watching.

Play resumed with Dallas facing fourth down, but the staff opted to keep showing the football game, even as Knicks center Eddy Curry was shooting free throws. With Nate Robinson motioning for the crowd to quiet down, Curry missed both shots - though few fans seemed to care because they were too busy watching the Cowboys' drive, which ended with Giants cornerback R.W. McQuarters intercepting a pass in the end zone.

Even in one of their biggest wins of their season, they fail at life.

Hat Tip to the Fanhouse.

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