Monday, January 28, 2008

New Acquisitions Midseason Review: Zack Randolph

It's what fans get excited about. New players coming in to join your team. They can be the greatest addition you can remember, or they can be a tragic letdown that makes you want to set fire to things, like your house, or the arena, or the GM's house. We wanted to check in and see how the different acquisitions are doing at this point in the season, and get the perspective of some other bloggers about them.

Zack Randolph-Power Forward
Incoming Contract: New York Knicks, 4 Years, $61 Million

Oh, Zack. From bust to most improved, to locker room cancer, to vaunted superstar, to New York Knicks savior, to contract monster/semi-bust. The Knicks' season has been a disaster, and Zack Randolph has been a significant part of that disaster. He's like the first flashes of the monster before it's revealed. He even got suspended for a headband-related incident. How incredible is that?

Here are the numbers:

This Year
Last Year

Kind of the same deal as with Kapono. Not much of a differential, except for a significant drop in free throw shooting. You can probably attribute this to a lack of discipline that comes with playing on a team that is nature's abhorrent to focus and self-control. But hey, his shooting hasn't changed much. Let's examine the rest of his numbers.

This Year
Last Year

Woah, there, Zackary! What happened, there? Having some troubles, are you? Feeling a little bit down on yourself? For being the supposed featured scorer for the Knicks, he's struggling to get it done. Now he is shooting 3 less shots per game. But the thing is, it's not like the Knicks brought him for his hustle. Defensively, there's a mix. His rebounds and steals are up, but his blocks are down. And his inability to mesh with Curry has been an absolute disaster.
I asked Seth from Posting and Toasting what he thought of the Randolph trade acquisition and how he'd grade Randolph through this point in the season. Here's what he had to say:

Z-Bo is a great scorer and a very solid rebounder, which is a solid addition to any team. That said, he's sulky, defensively sluggish, and of a single mindset (scorescorescore) even when quadruple-teamed. I'd give that a C, but the fact that his skill set has been pretty much proven ineffective alongside that of Eddy Curry, the deal gets knocked down a letter grade.

Throw some D's on that ho.
Randolph was brought in to score. And he does, to a certain degree. But not nearly enough. Throw in the fact that he's a defensive liability, a locker room issue, a malcontent, and his contract is huge. Oh, and so's his ass. All in all, Randolph is rumored in several trade discussions, and is listed as more of a problem for the Knicks than an asset.

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