Friday, January 25, 2008

New Acquisitions Midseason Review: Jason Kapono

It's what fans get excited about. New players coming in to join your team. They can be the greatest addition you can remember, or they can be a tragic letdown that makes you want to set fire to things, like your house, or the arena, or the GM's house. We wanted to check in and see how the different acquisitions are doing at this point in the season, and get the perspective of some other bloggers about them.


Jason Kapono-Guard-Forward
New Contract: Toronto Raptors-4 Years, $24 Million

Kapono was brought in primarily for his three point shooting ability, to provide an outside presence on a Raptors team with slashers and Chris Bosh.

Here are his numbers...

This Year0.500.510.88
Last Year0.490.510.89
So that's not so bad, right? I mean, he's playing about the exact same as last year, except his free throws are a little off. Plus he's still shooting 50% from the arc.

But wait, let's go ahead and take a look at his per 40 numbers. Of course his per game numbers are going to be down, he's on a much deeper team now. Let's examine his per 40 and make sure that they're as similar as his percentages.

This Year16.423.261.721.631.06
Last Year16.514.071.831.581.16
Oh. Well...then. This is... awkward. You see a marked degradation in Rebounds, Assists, and Turnovers. Even though the differential is only in small percentages, it's still a downturn, and given the money Kapono received, it's unacceptable. It's not catastrophic, but it's definitely not enough to consider his signing a success.
I asked Josh from Dinosty about Kapono, and his impact on the team. Here's what he had to say:

I've been giving Kapono a hard time all season because, well, he's simply not producing. And being a liability on defence is something we're all stocked up on - don't need a boost in that department.

But then I got some flack for it, and it made me think: He's not getting minutes. And he's not getting touches. It's sort of unfair to expect Kapono to create his own shot - we knew he couldn't do that when we signed him. So today I've conceded that I'm not disappointed in Kapono, but rather the Kapono Situation (as it will now be referred, i.e. "The Bonnie Situation" in pulp fiction)

So while Kapono's still shooting

0.500 0.505 0.875
fg 3pt ft

He's not getting a chance to get on the court and get more shots. So I'd have to give the Kapono Situation a D-, and Kapono himself an INC.
Basically: Kapono's not an utter failure in Toronto. But in a season where they've had so many players step up (Moon, Calderon, Delfino), that with the amount of money they spent on him, they're not getting an adequate return yet. He needs to start making big shots in a hurry.

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