Thursday, January 3, 2008

The NBA Bloggers Award Ballot and All-Star Team 2007-2008

About three weeks ago, we put together a nomination process for season awards for NBA bloggers, to be voted on in April. We had been talking about how great the NBA blogger community is, and we wanted to give out some awards for blogs that have been exceptional thus far this season, as well as putting together an All-Star team of bloggers. While Baseball may have its Viva El Birdos and the NFL has Kissing Suzy Kolber, the NBA Blogosphere, much like the sport it covers, is immersed in nuance and talent.

We sent out an email invite to every blogger we could find an email address for, and asked them to participate anonymously. We also instructed them to send it to anyone they knew that blogged on the NBA that didn't get an invite. It's an awfully big series of tubes out there, after all. Every major blogger was invited, and many participated. We want to thank everybody that took time out of their day to participate. We hope to make this an annual event.

From the 22 bloggers that participated, we were able to collect the following ballots, and select the top 5 from each category, as nominations. These entries will be listed in April on our Official NBA Bloggers Season Awards Ballot. There will be two versions of this form. One for bloggers, and one for you, Dear Readers. We'll have Bloggers' Choice and Reader's Choice Awards, and we look forward to everyone participating.

For the All-Star Team listed at the end, we gave the voters five spots for 1st team, and five spots for second team. First team votes counted for 2 points, Second Team for one. The winners are listed below. To everyone that was nominated, and to the All-Star selectees, congratulations. Your hard work has finally paid off in the form of a meaningless form of recognition on a seldom-visited website. We hope this is everything you dreamed it would be.

Again, voting for the awards will be in April. Until then, nominees, you're on notice. So no slacking off! That means you, True Hoop! We know how you like to take weeks off at a time!

If you have any questions about the ballot, the voting process, or the results, or if you'd like to be included in the Bloggers vote, send us an email at hardwoodparoxysm[at]gmail[dot]com.

Here's the Ballot.

Most Valuable Blogger:
Awarded to the best overall NBA blog. You should enter the names of the blogs you think have the most overall value, regardless of format or scope.

True Hoop
Yahoo! NBA Experts Blog
SLAM Online
NBA Fanhouse
The Basketball Jones

Offensive Blogger of the Year:
This should be awarded to the best sites for breaking news, delivering comparatively low bias, level of interest, and essential nature. These blogs provide the scoring for NBA Blogging (Ex. Fanhouse, SLAM Online, etc.)

NBA Fanhouse
SLAM Online
Yahoo NBA Experts Blog
Celtics Blog

Defensive Blogger of the Year:

This award should go to the blog that provides the best in-depth analysis of this crazy merry-go-round we call the NBA. It should provide breakdowns of play, players, league trends, or in some other way give us insight into the game. (Ex. BlogABull, Clips Nation, etc.) Due to a tie for fifth place points, we had 8 finishers for this award.

Forum Blue and Gold
Sactown Royalty
True Hoop
Yahoo NBA Experts Blog
The Painted Area
Basketball Jones
Bullets Forever

Sixth-Blogger Of The Year:
This award should be presented to the best NBA blogger or bloggers whose work centers around a particular team. (Ex. CelticsBlog, Sactown Royalty, etc.)

Sactown Royalty
Celtics Blog
Detroit Bad Boys
Forum Blue and Gold

Coach Blogger Of The Year:
This award should go to the blog that presents the best random, humorous, or purely abstract writing on the series of tubes regarding the NBA. (Ex. Free Darko, The Dream Shake, The Blowtorch).

Free Darko
The Blowtorch
The Hype Guy

Rookie Blogger Of The Year:
This award should go to a blog within it's first year of inception. Give the newcomers some love! (Ex. Dinosty, Third Quarter Collapse).

Third Quarter Collapse
The Dinosty
Yahoo! NBA Experts Blog- Kelly Dwyer
Hardwood Paroxysm (W00t! We didn't even have to rig the voting or anything!)

And now, here's your All-Star Team for The 2007-2008 NBA Blogging Season!

First Team
PG: TrueHoop
Yahoo! NBA Experts Blog
SF: The Basketball Jones
PF: Free Darko
C: Sactown Royalty

Second Team:
PG: Celtics Blog
SG: KnickerBlogger
SF: Blog-A-Bull
PF: Golden State of Mind
C: Need4Sheed

Honorable Mention: Bullets Forever, Hardwood Paroxysm

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