Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Living Room Seats: Spurs at Warriors 1.7.08

20 Quick Things About The Game:

1. Michael Finley is surprisingly fast for his age. You don't think about it, because of his age, but without the ball he can still really move. He's great spotting up, but he also is ridiculously good moving without the ball.

2. Monte Ellis is one of the best Warriors at creating open shots. The Warriors love to shoot with guys in their face, but on top of running the floor and playing defense, Ellis has a great ability to actually create shots with no one there. Which, it's rumored, makes it go in more often.

3. It's appropriate that the Spurs play at the AT&T center. Because they get calls. All. The. Time. I thought it was just my perception, that I'm a Spurs hater. So I went back and watched the plays on DVR. Nope. Five times in the last seven possessions, the Spurs blatantly hammered the Dubs and got away with it. Add to that the ridiculous and-one they awarded Duncan when the foul was before the ball even got there, and you have an amazing difference.

4. We need to get Manu a doctor. I'm concerned about him. He's clearly not right. I'm sorry to tell you this, Manu fans, but he clearly has a very serious condition. Fans... he's got chronic vertigo. I know. I don't want to believe it, either. But there's no other explanation for it. He drives into the lane, and every time, both on offense and defense, he loses his balance and lands on the floor. He's not touched, there's no reason for him to fall. We need to get this young man some help. Only you, can help Manu stand.

5. After watching this game, I have to agree with Pounding the Rock. Baron Davis is the key to this team. 34 pointes, 14 in the 4th and overtime. He was huge.

7. Parker's quickness is actually becoming greater. He's unfathomably quick in the lane. His awareness in the lane is also phenomenal. I hate the little Frenchman as much as the next guy, but between the switch handed layups and the behind the back pass, he was absolute magic in the paint.

8. Attn: Spurs TV Announce Team: The Spurs L-O-S-T. The game didn't "go the Warriors way." The Warriors didn't "get some bounces." They L-O-S-T because they couldn't defend the key personnel when they needed to.

9. Anybody else think we should just eliminate offensive fouls? I mean, I don't want Timmy called for a foul when Pietrus gets too close and gets his face whacked when Tim turns. I don't want Baron called for a charge because Manu's vertigo acts up. Let's just toss it out except for illegal contact, like football. Like, kicking some dude in the junk. That can be a foul. Deliberately aiming an elbow for the face. That's probably worth a trip to the line. But let's quit being p*ssies.

10. I couldn't figure out what the hell the Magic saw in Pietrus to have them interested, until tonight. He's one of those great all around the floor guys who really could be huge off the bench. He's got a lot of the skills they need.

11. I like Pop. I respect Pop. I'm in awe of Pop. But for the love of God, someone get the pink, salmon shirt off him. Pop, you look like a South Beach Pimp.

12. Can we add crossover to the All-Star skills challenge? Imagine Allen Iverson versus Baron Davis in a crossover contest. He broke some serious ankles tonight.

13. Azubuike. This guy could play for any team in the league, even the Lakers, and I'd love him. 16 points off the bench, and they were all those big, fun, crucial points. He was all over the floor. The Warriors have a ton of these all-around athletes that can do anything.

14. Post game show, hey Richard Oliver, SA Express. When you say, the biggest reason they lost was Bob Delaney's crew, when you got handed 25 fouls? Yeah, not exactly acting like you've been there.

15. Add Ime Udoka to the list of annoying spurs big men that are surprisingly talented.

16. Tonight was another reason why the NBA should push for its games to be televised. They had two great games, even though Denver got blown out, the Spurs scored 78 in a half. This would have been a great night to showcase the league when everyone realized, "Oh, yeah. It's the Big 10 versus the SEC. This won't be close." Add in an overtime thriller with the champs? Another wasted opportunity. But hey, we've got Bucks-Lakers on Friday! (*Gunshot)

17. The Warriors only had two shots blocked tonight, both of them Monta Ellis. Freaking weird. You would figure they had a dozen.

18. Brendan Wright goes from starting to DNP-Coach's Decision. Fascinating. I'm pretty sure Nellie is subjecting the kid to sensory-deprivation therapy on off-days, just to mess with him.

19. Oh, yeah, Bruce Bowen had 6 points and 4 personal fouls. I love that. He also got caught for trying to knee Davis on a drive. Sweet. Basically, to sum up...

20. Suck it, Spurs.

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