Friday, January 18, 2008

Living Room Seats: Don't Call It A Live-Blog

A live-blog means we have viewers and commenters talking along with me. But here are 33 things about Suns-Lakers, or "The Night Kwame Brown's Soul Finally Died."

1. Bryant thinks about guarding Nash, reconsiders, and Nash his it.
2. Ah, Luke Walton. welcome back. You suck.
3. Amare literally ignores Kwame Brown shooting.
5. Oh, Kwame. Such tenacity. Such horrible coordination and touch. An impressive combination of effort and ineptitude.
6. Luke Walton keeps trying to drive. Someone might want to inform him that this is good neither in theory, nor practicum.
7. They just made them look silly. Amare blocks the sh*t out of it, then the quick feed to Marion for a massive jam.
8. Barbosa not only rushes the shot, but then Marion gets burned on the other end and Farmar knocks down the three. And a technical. Awesome. It's like the Suns just can't stand running away from teams.
9. Barbosa's worked too much on his shot and not enough about creating opportunities in space.
10. When the Suns' midrange is falling, it's hard to figure out what to do with them. Too mcuh speed that creates space.
11. Brian Skinner as a "big man" is kind of laughable. He has size, but the man's just not built to get nasty down low.
12. Trevor Ariza with a great offensive board. Unfortunately, every time he gets the ball, he remembers he's Trevor Ariza.
13. Big lineup for the Lakers, and you can tell the Suns are laboring.
14. 8 blocks by the Suns. None by the Lakers.
15. Barbosa's a great offensive player, but he can't really work with anyone else. He'd be awesome if he was tall enough to always just go one on one.
16. Lamar Odom is not good. Amare Stoudemire is.
17. Steve Nash looks like someone tried to cut his throat. He's got this huge bleeding gash. I didn't know Robert Horry was in the audience.
18. Kobe lands on the scorer's table. It would have been better if he'd karate chopped through it.
19. Great perimetr defense by LA. Whoops, doesn't matter, Bell in the corner.
20. You may have thought that slamming into Amare Stoudemire would be a foul. You'd be wrong. Breathing on Odom's delicate skin, however, that's a foul.
21. Kwame Brown found a shot he can hit. Offensive rebound, off the glass from a foot away.
22. Oh. My. God. Stoudemire just killed the rim.
23. Oh, Diaw. You're like Godzilla. Great preview. Sh*tty film.
24. Hey, I just saw Derek Fisher mug Nash and then Kwame flopped. Somebody's been watching Spurs tape.
25. I literally was thinking to myself, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if they alley-ooped it off the inbounds" Then they did it. You want to know why I'd rather watch this team thant the Spurs? That's why.
26. The Kwame Brown disastrous career has had a milestone night.
27. I'v never seen a player get a foul when both players are on the ground. Nash just got one. Weird.
28. Uh-oh, Suns are in coast mode. They've pulled off on the accelerator.
29. Lakers on a surge. Same story as all year. Some dude with a name you can't pronounce hits a three. Amare gets in foul trouble, and the Lakers have pulled out the "Make Nash Shoot" defense.
30. Barbosa's defense is pretty much to run beside his man.
31. Vujajic just realized how insanely fast the Suns are. The hot hand is pretty tired.
32. The Suns are getting hammered down low and the refs are in full on "Lakers are the face of the league" mode.
33. Oh, but wait. This team still sucks without Bynum. Suck it, Lakers.

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