Monday, January 21, 2008

Holy Crap, An Actual Good Idea

Just got this from the Fanhouse, which will be discussed ad nauseum throughout the blogosphere in the next few days. But I wanted to go ahead and get my thoughts out before the wave of "This idea sucks" bowls us over like a tsunami.

The NBA is letting fans vote in the NBA Dunk Contest.

It's only in the final round, but still, it's a step. Here's the thing. Letting fans choose the All-Star participants is a bad idea. We all know this. Why? Because the All-Star game is supposed to be based on merit as a basketball player, not popularity. Simple, right?

But the dunk contest is a show-off contest. Let's be honest. There's no real basketball skill involved. It doesn't have to do with leadership, shooting percentage, spacing, court vision, you know, all the things that Ricky Davis doesn't have. It's just about looking f*cking cool.

The concern is that it'll become a big popularity contest. But it won't. Look at the contestants. Howard-Orlando. Gay-Memphis. Green-Minnesota. Moon-Raptors. That would be four small-market teams. Yes, Dwight Howard is insanely popular. But he's not LeBron, Kobe, etc. And the man can dunk. So I really don't see the huge Minnesota Timberwolves fanbase flooding the votes with Gerald Green votes, if he makes final two. Do you think all of Memphis is going to be tuning into the dunk contest, to hang on the performance of Mr. Gay?

Meanwhile, it lessens the possibility of someone getting screwjobbed, like, oh, say, Dwight last year.

We're Hardwood Paroxysm, and we approve this contest.

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