Thursday, January 24, 2008

David Harrison Is Soooo High.

From the Fanhouse comes this fantastic story from the Indy Star about David Harrison commenting on the NBA's drug policy. Here's the gem.

"It's not a rule made by government and it's not a rule made by God; it's made by an organization (the NBA). I guess they feel it will benefit that organization."
Now, unlike the Fanhouse, we're not aware of any passage in the bible against smoking the ganj (at least what we've read when in a hotel, waiting for the hooker maid to get done with the shower), but we're pretty aware of the "government rules" against them. They're pretty strict. You might even call them "laws."

Hey, we ain't drinkin' Hatorade against the Bud, but come on, dude.

Note: It is unknown at this time whether Harrison was or was not on his way to the store for some White Castle burgers.

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