Monday, January 7, 2008

The Daily Grime: 1.7.07

We love Marc Stein. We do. And we think that the ESPN NBA Crew is the best of their departments now that Baseball Tonight has turned into some sort of demented Crossfire segment and Mortenson is getting ready to report that Bill Parcells is taking the Falcons job any second. But sometimes the Dime? Well...

Discussing Top Contenders for the Title:

"7. Cleveland Cavaliers -- These guys have already shown they can beat the No. 1 team on this list. Winning it all is the next step, and with LeBron James getting better and better, a team that can play defense like the Cavs has a chance. Imagine Larry Hughes at his best (instead of his injured worst in the playoffs) and that trouncing at the hands of the Spurs won't be the final word."

Really? So while the Magic, at the bottom of the list, have a better record (you know, above .500), and a team with more than one guy that can score, they're not as good as a team that is 8-5 in it's last 13, playing Miami and the Bucks? We believe in LeBron, don't get us wrong, but if one team isn't making it through the Eastern Gauntlet this year, it's the Cavs. And how dare you dismiss Big Baby Jesus in favor of Utah and Denver. How DARE you!

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