Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birth Of A Division Part 2: Word Smiths

For Part 1, Click Here.

Int. Casa De Brand. Dusk.
Baron Von Brand and his fellow renegade David "Snake Eyes West" pace within the confines of Casa De Brand's master study. The old castle is a Spanish fortress that has been transformed into... well, Brand's fortress. Interestingly, the decor seems to shift randomly from moment to moment, walls slide in and out of position. There appears to be a series of mounted animal heads on the walls, though none of the animals appear to be real. There is an alarming amount of fuschia in the decor as well. Their current mission? To draft the Declaration of Independent Realignment.

Brand paces, stops, begins to speak, paces again.

Brand: I still do not understand why we were chosen to complete this paltry piece of prose. It's clear that it will take severe action to make the league respect our demands. Don't you agree, my silent, but deadly companion?

Well, if we must, then we must. Let's begin this treatise. Can you take this down for me, mi mute amigo?

Brand pours a glass of brandy and sips. He clears his throat.

E. Brand: Very well, let's begin...

E. Brand: It is done. May God have mercy on our enemies. This was your finest work, my quiet compadre.

E. Brand: It's not over. Oh, no. It's only just begun.

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