Thursday, January 3, 2008

The 20-Oh-Hate Chronicles Vol. 1

Welcome the 20-Oh-Hate Chronicles, where we look at the hate simmering around the league, in this, the year of Hatorade.

Today we examine two classic internet examples of Fans hating a specific player on their team.

Case 1 Is the greatest website name we've heard in a long time:

Hey Larry Hughes, Please Stop Taking So Many Bad Shots.

Along with a daily tracker of the Hughester, you get gems like this.

This of course, pales in comparison to the Dream Shake's obsession with Rafer Alston.

Seriously, every day I know three things will be waiting for us in our Google Reader.

Some comment about how Clay Bennett is Satan and must be stopped.

Something about Isiah Thomas and the latest dumbass thing he did.

And the Dream Shake with some sort of expression of outright hatred for Rafer Alston.

It makes us smile.

Our personal favorite lately? Today's breakdown of Rafer sucking across history. It's like Quantum Leap, only with Rafer Alston's inability to manage the entry pass.

This has been today's installment of the 20-Oh-Hate Chronicles.

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