Monday, January 14, 2008

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15 Reasons To Watch The Games In the NBA Tonight

1. Uh-Oh. You Made It Mad: The Wiz toppled the Celtics this weekend with the help of a missing Rondo. Tonight, they're in Boston for a rematch. No Rondo again. Can Tuff Juice and co. pull it off? Or will Garnett bring down the hammer like Ezekiel 25:17? If the Wiz are to pull this one out, they're going to need an all-around game like their last one, with DeShaun and Jamison both playing tough. Otherwise, they're just Flock of Seagulls.

2. Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Gerald: Charlotte had one of those weekends where it just hurt to see the boxscores, let alone to watch some of them live. Not in the "Miami Heat- Oh-My-God-They're-Terrible" way, but with two overtime losses back to back, that just sucks. Tonight they face an up and down Nuggets team that's suddenly on the way up (7 of their last 10) but are just 7-8 on the road. They should be able to pulverize the Bobcats down low with Camby and KMart, but Nene is out with a scary-sounding "unspecified medical reason." Crash had better be feeling it.

3. Just What The Doctor Ordered: The Spurs have been in need of a break. Warriors, Pistons, Suns, they've been facing great teams night in and night out. Don't people know this is their pre-playoff naptime? They get a snoozer tonight when the Sixers come a'calling. The Sixers have some nice pieces, but they're going to have to get naughty to fend off the Fundamental and Ginobili.

4. Scrappy Doo, Scrappy Didn't (via the Corndogg): Coach Nate told the media last night that "scrapping is what we've been able to do this season, and tonight we got out-scrapped." This was in reference too the Blazers running into the Chris Bosh juggernaut last night. Good thing is, they play the Nets tonight, who couldn't scrap their way out of kiddie kickball fight . Expect ROY's Boys to turn it on even harder tonight.

5. Don't Leave Me This Way (via the Corndogg): You. Yes, You. Bobcats. I am fine with the bi-weekly tank jobs where you are toast by top of the 2nd half. I am more than fine they way you kick shamrock against the Celtics. But I cannot take this oveRTIme-dragitout-EMOtionALROl
lercOASter game that you have done back-to-back. I want to be a fan, but I don't want to keep getting this disappointed. If I needed that, I would look at myself naked in the mirror. At least Melo won't be getting the same BS call that James got the other night. Use the force, Jordan.

6.Blue Light Special (via the Corndogg): K-Mart is open for business. No, not Kenyon, we mean Kevin. Who showed no signs of a tired groin by popping 25 in Indy's eye the other night. It would be ironic though, if Martin were nicknamed "Blue Light Special," since he is about the only person the Kings do not want to deal.

7. Hot Shots, Part Deux: It's almost like the playoffs tonight as we get a rare back-to-back home-and-home tonight when the Wiz head up to Beantown to try and punish the suddenly vulnerable Celtics tonight. Ironically, only Deux things are certain tonight: 1) We like Brendan Haywood - NOT and 2) Paul Pierce makes some serious scrilla. Keep those in mind tonight while you watch El Tigre eat someone's hand and then dunk on them.

8. Known Vs. Unknown Variables: John Salmons and Kevin Martin take on Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitski. Jesus, they should just play this underground in a subway station.

9. White Out: AK! Okur! Bogut! Harpring! The city of Salt Lake City! This game should be sponsored by White-Out. Regardless, it's kind of an intriguing matchup with AK, Yi, Bogut, Boozer, and Redd vs. Deron. Of course, the Jazz will kill them, but hey, the Packers are in the NFC Championship game!

10. Ridiculous Salary Of The Night: Lamar Odom. Since Odom will be bearing the brunt of Bynum's injury tonight, we thought we'd take a look at what he's making for that 13 pts, 9.2 rebounds per game game of his. $13.5 million. We like Odom. We do. But that's a bit steep for a guy that spends that much time on the trainers table.

11. Gotta Gotta Get Up To Get Down: Portland and the Nets are butting heads tonight. It's a terrific example of how the new generation of stars is coming into its own while the old starts to ride off into the sunset. Or drag themselves and their respective franchises through the slow mud of their decline for the next five years. Either way, it should be a tight game, and Kidd vs. Roy is worth the price of admission.

12. Good Timing : So Bynum's out 8 weeks. Which is bad. But they're playing the Sonics tonight. Which is good. They can beat up on the Sonics inside with Turiaf and Odom and get some confidence before the schedule toughens up this week. Of course, if Kobe goes back to jackin' it like Carl Monday's perps, there's trouble in Lala land.

13. In A Weird Way, I Am Sure They Can Use This As A Motivational Tool (via the Corndogg): Philly is in SA tonight to take on the Spurs. You can take that to mean, get their butts whipped. But, there is a silver lining, cause once the young Sixers go into the ATT&T Center and see that even the defending champs and ESPN claimed "Greatest Team Ever" can't fill up their arena either, they shouldn't feel so bad. Happens to the "every other year" best.

14. That's The Breaks (via the Corndogg): HP and Basketbawful's #1 Leasy Sucky Western Conference just got way worse when Andrew Bynum went down with a bum knee. Sources are saying he could be out 2 months. OUCH!! Can't wait to see how this affects Kurt's vacation . Guess this means Kobe will go back to dropping 50. You've been warned, Damien Wilkins.

15. Hey There, Who Are You? I Feel Like We Just Mehmet (via the Corndogg): Finally! All it takes for last year's All-Star to come out of his funk is to get AK47 and Harpring sidelined, while I add him to my fantasy team (great job, ME). And now that he has shown his dead eye range and some unusual toughness, I sense that he will go back to hiding under a rock, which is why he is off my fantasy team (jury is still out).

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