Monday, December 3, 2007

We're Not TOTAL A*$holes

We don't really attach value judgments to Stephon Marbury. We think he's overpaid, and sometimes says things that walk that tender line between insane and asinine. We've found him to be ridiculous, awesome, horrible, and bizarre. But all of that is because he gets media attention. And if we got paid millions of dollars to play basketball and be a personality on one of the world's biggest stages, in the world's greatest city, we'd probably walk that line as well.

But Marbury's a person. He's got mentors, and bills to pay, and family.

He's got a father.

And his dad passed away yesterday.

So we'll be giving Steph a break for a while, and we want to genuinely send our condolences for his loss.

It's been a hard year for Marbury. We hope he can find some peace in his life, soon.

God bless.

(Also, Isiah, you are in no way off the hook, buddy.)

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