Saturday, December 15, 2007

It May Not Be A Rivalry...

But you're making it one.

I figured there would be some "Huh, maybe Kobe should have pulled himself earlier" comments from the more brazen and some "Farmar is either really good or really bad in the crunch" from the Lakers contingent last night. Nothing too serious, after all, it's just a regular season game, all streaks come to an end, the Warriors have sucked forever, and the Lakers are one of the greatest franchises in sports with a team that's surprisingly, actually, really, really good. Nothing mean or petty, though.


First there was this assassination bit from the Association.

And then the Fanhouse followed up with a basic "if Kobe wasn't hurt, you were screwed."

Both articles are big on the fact that this isn't a rivalry because the Warriors haven't been good enough, and that Warlocks fans are ridiculous for the way they're reacting.

Our question?

What the f*ck did you expect?

This is the Warriors we're talking about. They're led by a guy that was a key component in the biggest blackeye on the league in probably its history, a guy that spends more time on suspension than trapeze artists, another guy who's name is Boom Dizzle, jacks up shots that immediately make me react with "God, that's ugly" before it, of course, rattles in. And then, you know, there's Biedrins.

Their fans are insane. Beyond insane. In the comic-book version of the NBA, these guys are the Joker. Because they're friggin' nuts.

Now, we're sure Forum Blue and Gold will have a reasonable response about this game (once Kurt stops throwing darts at Davis' head), but the response so far? C'mon, guys. You talk about the Warriors fans acting as if they've been there before. You have. You know what it's like for a franchise with a poor history to beat you. It doesn't change anything about your greatness, and it doesn't mean the Warriors or their fans think they're better than you. Okay, probably the Warriors do, but they think they're better than everyone. You've heard of delusions of grandeur? They've got Delusions of Dizzle. So treat this game like it was, a disappointing loss that you can pin on Kobe's injury (instead of saying, maybe, just maybe, Kobe should have acknowledged his injury and trusted his team to make plays down the stretch with a lead against a completely undisciplined team in a year where they've been tremendous around him), and move on. No need to get all snippy about it.

That's how you build a rivalry.

We'd also like to say that nothing that we've said above indicates that we don't like the Warriors because of those things. On the contrary, as I remarked to the wife last night,

"It's like they do the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do in the NBA according to the last 10 years of thought in the NBA. They're like the Suns on mescaline."

And that's why when Dizzle's step back, fade away, arrow-like three rattled in, we jumped up and screamed, "Yes!"

We're not sure what you're back from either, Warriors, but you're back.

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