Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Bank Shot

Well, cats and kittens, the holidays are here. 15 Footers are going to be intermittent as we slog through this holiday. Your humble EiC is headed to sunny Nebraska to visit the in-laws, and hopefully not kill himself on his first time skiing (current odds are 10-1 death, 5-1 serious injury, get your bets in now!). Corn Dogg's going to be without contact for most of the week, but he'll be here tomorrow to make sure we get a final fifteen for the week and to continue our little carol that's echoing around the web.

We want to wish all of you a safe and happy holidays. Unless you're Isiah Thomas, Manu Ginobili, Damien Wilkins, referee Eddie Rush, or Ricky Davis. Then you can go f*ck yourself, San Diego.

We're doing quick ones today, lads and lassies, thanks to a slight family emergency (nothing serious) and the final rush of work before the holidays. Rest assured, though, we'll have a glorious 15 up for Christmas, the big NBA coming out party of the season.

5 Reasons To Watch the Games of the National Basketball Association Tonight:

1. Kobe! LeBron! Kobe! LeBron! Cheese Doodles! FOMGZ!!!!!!:
Yes, even we will be tempted by the sweet overhype of Kobe vs. LeBron. The Lakers should kill these guys, though. Forum Blue and Gold rightly points out that the Lakers bench is really deep and the Cleveland bench is an abomination to professional basketball. But will Kobe be willing to pass with the next generation in front of him? Over/Under between the two, we'll lay at 60. Any takers?

2. this game doesn't even deserve capital letters: nets and miami. Dwayne Wade scores 35. Kidd has a triple double. we all lose. this is the battle of teams that should be waaaaaay better than they are, if it weren't for bad roster management.

3. And We'll Spark Our Turnaround...Now! Okay...Now! We'll get it together...Now!: Like that old 78 Volvo with a busted ignition sitting in your front yard, Houston and Denver just won't start. They should play well, they WANNA play well, they just, um... don't. And no one can really figure out why. Denver has to win tonight to get the Blazers off their heels. Yeesh, didn't think we'd be saying that in 2007.

4. Where "Why The Hell Does Nothing Make Sense?" Happens: LeBron and co. have a vastly inferior squad overall, and are coming off of a lost to New York. Yeah. That one. So of course, they'll be winning tonight. We're just telling you now. It's the least logical conclusion, so it must happen.

5. I'm Gonna Knock You Out: J.R. Smith is f*cking insane.

Play "The 15 Footer: The Home Game"! Leave your own reasons to watch tonight's games in the comments.

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