Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey, Zeke


About that whole, "Benching Curry thing."

Um... yeah. 23-9, maybe not.

Why can't the Nets beat New York? They're 0-2 against them. I mean, I know New Jersey's having problems with everyone, but seriously. The Bulls beat the crap out of the Knicks. The Nets have now lost two in a row to the Knicks. And granted, last time they played, the Nets were without Kidd with the infamous migraine. But Kidd was back this time. The problem wasn't Kidd. The problem was that the Nets bench is a vaccumous black hole of suck and Jamal Crawford LIVES to play the Nets. In two games this season against the Net, Crawford has 61 points. That's a lot of points. That's a LOT of points for Jamal Crawford.

Of course, given that the Nets have only scored 89.5 in both of those games, perhaps it's less of a defensive issue and more of a problem that the Nets have issues with putting the litte orange round thing in the little ring thing. It's not like there aren't trades to be made to bolster the inside. I'm sure Joe Dumars is willing to fleece you blind in expiring contracts if you wanted a big ma...oops.

I'm just sayin'. Everyone keeps talking about how the Nets aren't going to be able to move Kidd. But this isn't like years before where it was baffling that the Nets were struggling and they finally righted the ship. This isn't Utah (by the way, guys, WTF?). Kidd's only going to put up with so much.

Of course, I said the same thing about the Lakers. And they're 3.5 back for the division. The point, as always, is that I have no f'ing clue what's going on.

God, I love this game.

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