Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Breaking: Anderson Varejao Sucks

We've dug Kelly Dwyer for quite a while, but his work already on Yahoo! Sports has been nothing but phenomenal.

Take, for example, something we've been hollering about for six months, now.

Anderson Varejao is unfathomably overrated.

It's not even a "He's not quite as good as people say," kind of deal. It's more of a, "Dear God, they're paying him what?!" kind of deal. You know, the kind that makes you vomit from your eyes.

We're hearing from the Basketball Jones that it's possible the Bobcats extended the offer to Varejao as a favor to the Cavs. I want to do favors that way.

"What did you get me for Christmas, friend?"

"Well, Corn, I got you this rotting corn stalk that you yourself made, covered in glitter!"

"Just what I've been missing!"

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