Tuesday, December 11, 2007

15 Footer 12.11.07

1. So We Meet Again, Darko: The Pistons visit the Grizz tonight, and find themselves face to face once again with the enigma wrapped in a puzzle disguised as a conundrum that is Darko Milicic. Truth be told, the Pistons don't give a rat's ass about Darko, which is easy, since the Grizz aren't very good. But they better. Because, seriously, the man's completely nuts. We'll keep hoping the Grizz get those signature wins they're missing until they get them. Go, Darko, go!

2. The Perfect Getaway: Best news for the Pacers? They're in no danger. The Cavs can't shoot anything.

3. This Score's Going To Look Like A SWAC Game: Kevin Durant and the Sonics visit Chicago tonight. Yup, the Bulls should get back on track any minute. Yup. Any time now. Just you wait. Meanwhile there's been a lot of discussion about how the Sonics could have been great since Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen wanted to resign. But if you're looking at a massive rebuilding project, doesn't part of you want to start from scratch? Plus, did you want Rashard Lewis, pre-Orlando "I'm 'PART.OF.A.Team.' a la the Untouchables", teaching him to just look out for himself and score a lot? Granted, that's exactly what he's doing now, but still. Hindsight's 20/20. Oh, yeah, and we kind of love Kirk Hinrich. So if he could stop sucking balls, that would be awesome.

4. There Ain't Room At One Game Over .500 For The Both Of Us. : Look out. The Hawks are .500 and out for blood. Toronto's one game over .500 and can't decide from one game to the next whether they're no-talent ass clowns or Eastern superpowers. But hey, Samuel L. Jackson likes them, so that counts for something, right? Rumble down South tonight.

5. It's A Lot Like The Movies, Only With Argentinian Supermen: Fun. Loose. Psychotic. D-League call-ups. Lunatics. Barnes. Nellie. Frantic offense. Insane fans. These are the Warriors. Discipline. Drawing fouls. Underrated European players. Predictable offense. Fundamental basketball. Boring. Predictable. Unstoppable. These are the Spurs. They meet tonight. Manu vs. Boom Dizzle. Cool never seems to win these things.

6. Maxiell, Darko. Darko, MAXIELL (Via The Corndogg): So, the guy the Pistons once thought would be their interior stud for a decade will meet the guy who will be their interior stud for the next decade. Maxiell, and draft mate Amir Johnson, are finally rounding into shape after the notoriously rookie-phobic Dumars has pruned away some of their bad habits and let them grow ( Mr. Miyagi style). However, our boy Darko is trying to fight off the injury bug, and Cobra Kai Dumars, while making his own defensive dojo down in Memphis. We still believe in him. Which is odd, considering we have been sh%ting on him for half a decade, and he is the same age as Maxiell. Put him in a body bag, Darko.

7. As Good As It Gets (Via The Corndogg):
Utah gets to head back to Romney-ville for the night and take on the Blazers, before they end finish their 3 game skid against the best teams in the West tomorrow night in Phoenix (we predict they will lose). The Jazz are giving up a very un-Sloan like 100.7 points per game (which will only increase after playing in Phoenix tomorrow). So, we fully expect the SLC Punks to bring some pain tonight, or endure a probable 4 game losing streak heading into the holidays.

8. And Yet, Another Reason The NBA Wants To Expand In China (Via The Corndogg):
Stern really does see the viability of teaming Chris Bosh with Josh Smith to make the world's most lethal badminton team since Papi and Urlacher.

9. Homeland Security (Via The Corndogg):
After the tri-weekly win for the T-Wolves last game, the Wizards should have no problem dispatching of the Jeffersons tonight in the District. Also, in our Backwards MVP race, Gilbert Arenas is slightly edging out Duncan as the player who's team is benefiting the most from them not playing. And C) Zero, tells it like it is (read under "Let's Talk Contracts"). And don't forget that lastly, the Wiz are amusing.

10. They're Both In Pain, But Only Of Them Is Injured: Clippers are in Jersey tonight. It's bad when you look at the Clippers with two of their biggest stars hurt, no backcourt to speak of, leaning on Chris Kaman to lead them through, and go "Man, those guys are lucky." Yet, that's how Kidd has to feel tonight. And he's got two All-Stars on his team. Here's an idea. Just merge the Clippers with the Nets, dump Carter and Kristic for cap, along with Cassell and Maggette, have them play half their games in Brooklyn and half their games in LA, rename them The Frontrunners, and give Clay Bennett an expansion team in Oklahoma City. Everybody wins!

11. We See Your Talented Big Men And Raise You Italian Superstar: The Hawks are the talk of the NBA blog world today, having gotten back to .500 and going 7-3 in their last 10. Now, we like the Hawks. We root for them, despite the troll dog in their front office. But the Raps got Bosh back, and now Bargnani's back in the fold. Granted, they haven't been the biggest contributors this season, but they'll probably find their groove at some point. Scorch and the kiddies better keep bringing their A-game.

12. My Fundamental's Back And You're Gonna Be In Trouble (Hey La, Hey La, My Duncan's Back): Well, the Warriors better hope Matt Barnes and Al Harrington have got their mojo in a tizzy because it looks like the Big Fundamental might be back in the habit again. What's the over/under on how much the point guards will score in this game? 60? 70? Either way, we expect more solid transition defense (read: highlight killer) and Manu falling everytime like he got hit with a crowbar. Not that we watch and fantasize that he ACTUALLY got hit with a crowbar. Because that would be malicious and cruel.

13. Mr. Nifty And The Tabernacle Choir: Brandon Roy decided to show up for the season, which is nice, and the Blazers are a respectable 8-12. For being without Oden, that's pretty freaking good. Watching Nifty vs. Booze and Okur tonight should be fun, but watching Deron Run Run Run vs. the ROY should be pretty sweet. (Update: Whoops, Nifty's got plantar fascilitis. So much for that. Perhaps he can enjoy the vibrant nightlife that Salt Lake City offers.)

14. Mythical Creatures. Like Sebastian Telfair: We've got bad news, Timberwolves fans. They've been posting pictures of a horn on Telfair's head in locker room. Which means Darius Songaila will have his prey!

15. We're Coming Out With All Guns Blazing (Via The Corndogg): The Pacers need Jesus. Or at least Tony Dungy. Why is it that the Colts are the most angelic team in the NFL, while their city brethren, the Pacers, can seem to keep their caps out of somebody's ass. First SJax, now Tinsley. At least they are taking the Christian approach to punishing Tinsley. Well, that and the Pacers are starting to look like a playoff team. I guess God can work miracles, even with Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster in your top 6. I believe!!

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