Thursday, December 6, 2007

15 Footer 11.6.07-One Liners of Doom

You know, we survived the one-game apocalypse. We have handled the three game nightmares. We thought the worst was over. Then we woke up this morning, and I get this IM when I get to work.

Corn: Check the games on tonight. We're f*cked.

So in protest of the three, wretched games on tonight, we're giving blatantly obvious observations on the NBA season, in honor of how obviously screwed up NBA National TV programming is.

15 Things About The NBA So Far

1. In case you were not aware, Dwight Howard, who also happens to be a religious young man, really likes to dunk the basketball. -Corndogg
2. Stephen Jackson, of the Golden State Warriors, is not only a team captiain. He is also a teammate. -Corndogg
3. Chris Webber is certainly not in the NBA at this current time; however, he could be if he signed a contract with someone, anyone. -Corndogg
4. At this point in the season, some people are injured. -Corndogg
5. If there is one thing you can tell the folks out there that they didn't know, it would probably be that Kobe Bryant did not get traded . -Corndogg
6. If there was one other thing, it would be that San Antonio is a good basketball team. -Corndogg

7. Jason Kidd is sick with a migraine. If by sick with a migraine, you mean pissed.

8. Anderson Varejao basically took a three month vacation, and ended up coming back with less money than when he left. Which is appropriate, since he sucks.

9. The NBA is less entertaining without Zero, but the Wizards may still make the playoffs.

10. The Clippers started off pretty well, but have not been so good as of late.

11. The Heat sucked without Dwayne Wade. The Heat suck with Dwayne Wade.

12. The Boston Celtics have three very good basketball players and are winning games.

13. The New York Knicks are having some problems.

14. The Suns score a lot of points.

15. Kevin Durant is having trouble putting the basketball in the basketball hoop.

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