Monday, November 5, 2007

Well, Now. That Was Odd.

So here's a question. What. The. Fuck?

So I'll tell you a story. It's this basketball game. And here's what happened.

Tracy McGrady scored 35 points and had 8 assists.
Yao Ming had a double double with 21 and 11 and added 2 blocks.
The Rockets had more offensive rebounds.
The Rockets had fewer turnovers.
The Rockets had more steals and more blocks.
Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitski both picked up their 4th fouls early in the 4th quarter.

And the Mavs won.

I've gotten pretty heavy into the basketball statistics thing lately.

But, as always, the games come down to one thing.

Making more of your shots than the other team. Dallas outshot the Rockets, hit big shots down the stretch, got leadership and points from Jason Terry (31 points) and a solid all around performance from Mutumbo 2.0 (10 points, 13 rebounds), and got the win.

Dallas, as is usually the case, is a great team (in the regular season for sure). The Rockets have all the pieces, and are playing well enough. They just need to put it together.

Also, after I spend thirty minutes researching Jub-Jub, he goes out and takes a crap on the court. Thanks for that. Go back to Mayaguez, you fuzzy little bastard.

Good news for the Rockets, though. They get to play San Antonio next!

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