Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Warriors 11.4

I think I speak for all those aligned with the forces of good when I say: Go to Hell, Patriots. (Props to the mighty Deadspin, hallowed be thy name)

Now that that's out of the way (and by "that" I mean "the NFL season"), we can get back to the fun sport to watch! What? Why are you laughing? Go to hell!

Here's your weekend warriors.

1. Andrea Bargnani

I like this picture because it looks like he's doing Borat. "Is nice!"

Guess who's no. 6 on the PER rankings? Il Mago himself. He's getting it done all over the court so far for the Raps (2-1) and led them to a beatdown of the hated Nets on Friday. His line?

21pts 6rb. He's been consistent, and been the guy to get the Raps over the hill so far this season.

2. Il Tigre Monstruoso

Well, let's see. They beat the living hell out of Zero's crew. Then they stole the joy from Toronto. Pierce had more points on Friday in the funfest, but everybody knows the Ticket is what's making this thing go.

3.Joe Johnson

28 points? Check.
7 Boards? Check.
4 Assists? Check.
Opening night win over the very, very good Mavs at home? Check it to wreck it, and let's begin.

Scorch Johnson played silky smooth on Friday. He's leading the Hawks in scoring, who are looking early like a playoff team. We'll check back in March and see how they're doing.

4. Deron Williams

or as I like to call him:

Hot Stuff.

Hot Stuff torched the Warriors (who we'll be discussing this week. Something's Unstoppable! allright. Their opponents. Also their awesome fanbase! Hi guys! *nervous laughter*) for 30 pts, 11 assists and 4 steals. The Jazz have been playing well... against the Warriors. They're actually playing pretty well statistically, but been tweaked by the Rockets (aka our new Rocket Overlords) and the Lakers (what in the hell?!), but on Saturday, DWill was hot shi...whoops, SLC... stuff. Hot stuff.

5. CP3

So Chris Paul can play pretty well. He does things like dribbles, passes, scores, and kills the freaking Nuggets with 15 pts on 3-11 shooting. Oh, yeah, and there was also the 8 rebounds, 11 assists, 4 steals and a +8 rating.

Hornets are 2-0.

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