Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stephon Knows Something You Don't Know...

The following post is a direct product of the Corndogg. Do not take before operating heavy machinery, 30 minutes before swimming, or in case of emergency.

It looks like Starbury's PR people have their hands full. Could you imagine statements like this actually being given to the press by Stephon or his entourage? What are they thinking? This ain't like Terrell Owens calling a teammate "gay" or AK47 demanding a trade, this is in-yer-face, do-it-or-else, Bush administration coersion and blackmail. That is a big stand for a has-been point guard on a team full of whackos and schlubs. But then, of course, Marbury redacted his comments and said he had "permission" to leave.

That last sentence makes the least sense. What could be so wrong in Marbury's high priced existence that he needed to head back to NYC the minute the plane touched down in Phoenix? Were his shoes not selling in Harlem? Did he leave his Blackberry? Did Bassy Telfair leave the toilet running in Stephon's apartment?

Marbury is living outside the rules. We already knew that sanity flew his coop a while back, but these petty tabloid "punkings" are the most ridiculous yet. He's using the press to entrap his head coach into playing him! Not to leave , or extort money even. But for playing time. How can any of the other Knicks ever look Isiah in the eye if he simply let's Stephon keep the starting point guard slot because they probably had a 4 way with some strippers, a hockey stick, some Hypnotique and a dozen plush toys?

Better yet, what is the "blind eye" commish gonna do to save his favorite franchise? I suppose, when questioned, he will answer as such "Well, blackmail is clearly not mentioned in the rule book. Teams retain the right to grant coach's authority on game time decisions. I trust James Dolan, Isiah Thomas and the Knicks management to handle this situation effectively and with insightful judgment."Good luck with this one, you jackasses (Marbury included). You deserve it!!

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