Friday, November 30, 2007

Something Short and Funny for the Weekend...

and I don't mean, Vern Troyer. While I was getting ready for work this morning, I was casually checking out espn (lower case intentional) for the stat lines for last night's NBA games, in hopes of seeing how my fantasy team did. When they got to Boston/knicks (lower case intentional), they did the usual: show the score, show the records, show the top individual stats. Well, they showed KG, Pierce, and Allen's stats from last night. Then, the funny happens. They do not even bother to show ANYONE from the knicks (again, lower case intentional) stats. Not a single person.
May I remind you, this is the kind of stuff the leader (lci) only does when they show teams like Duke or Carolina beating 1-AA Podunk Tech by 75 points!
They always show NBA stats, and you know why? Because, not matter how bad a team plays, at least 1 person will have a decent enough game to show his stats. Even in the NFL, when a team is shut out, they still show stats. So, not only does ESPN not care about fantasy owners (whose teams are being ruined by the knicks), there was not even 1 single player for nyk (lci) that had anything close to a decent game. Don't believe me, look here. And the only reason Nate Robinson scored in double figure was because of a last second "who gives a flying f#ck" 3 that kept the knicks (lci) from their worst defeat in history.
On second thought, maybe the leader (lci) does care about fantasy. No one wants a heart attack like that after they traded for Marbury before the season started (unfortunately, I am talking about myself. However, I am still dominating the league). But seriously, this isn't even funny anymore. It't pathetic. It's akin to torturing a mentally challenged amputee. Please stop this, for the love of the League.

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