Thursday, November 1, 2007

Paxson: "Screw you, I'm taking my Deng and going home."

So, Blog-A-Bull (which if you're not reading you should consider yourself on notice) broke to the interwebs the word from a press conference.

Kobe ain't comin' to Chi-town.

We're big on the Bulls here at HP. We like it when teams build around young nuclei and then develop superstars. The Bulls have done a great job at that, and we would have hated to see them waste tons of young promising talent and draft pieces to get a ball-hog with locker room issues and sacrifice their inside ability.

Fanhouse makes (as usual) a really good point.

Kupchak and Buss haven't said anything. We're sticking with the assertion that this deal's going to happen. It's just going to annoy us for a few more days/weeks/months.

Oh, good.

For the love of God, just sell the guy for .65 on the dollar and be done with it. At this rate you're just putting yourselves deeper in the hole, guys! Give it up!

Somebody's got to take advantage of this and come in with a deal. Don't they? Or are we really going to be stuck with this story till the trade deadline?

We're going to go pray to the Saint of Trade Proposals now.

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