Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough (of Stephon Lunacy), An HP Fantasy Update:

Can't get enough of your love, Steph.

We here at HP have plenty of great friends who sometimes humor us with their non-sensical patter about what all Matt and I DON"T know about the NBA. One of those guys is Jason, Matt's best friend from college and friend of mine now, as well. Jason, though claiming to know nothing about the NBA, actually does. If he did not know anything about the NBA (or fantasy), then he would have accepted the trade I proposed this morning -- Marbury for Kirilenko, straight up. I figured, why not? Marbury is funny, in the news alot, makes for great conversation and sometimes plays basketball. AK47 is a Russian tour-de-force who's stat line last night was 8pts/9boards/11assts/5steals/2blks. You say potato, I say potato. The following is Jason's reply to that trade request, simply for your reading pleasure...

"What the f#%k is wrong with you?! There's no category for disappearing, otherwise f#%king David Copperfield would have been a first round pick. How the hell do you expect me to ever take you seriously again when you offer me a guy who's best shot at playing time is blackmail?? Hmmm, an obvious lunatic with no connection to reality or the guy you wanted, a 6'10 European that actually isn't afraid to bang in the paint? Why don't you crawl into that SUV and get f*cked, assclown."

That is all from your Fantasy update at HP.

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