Wednesday, November 7, 2007

HP Power Rankings

Corndogg went ahead and put together some power rankings. Here's our thoughts.

1 Spurs-- like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives

2 Celtics-- if it's really Pierce's team, he's got them on the right track

3 Dallas-- deserved, but only until they get slaughtered by Nellie tomorrow night

4 Rockets-- I totally feel you, Mike James (but not in that way)

5 Hornets-- CP3, the next step in PG evolution

6 Pistons-- like sands through the hourglass...

7 Suns-- Better without STAT?

8 Magic-- Howard & Lewis, worth every penny... so far

9 Raptors-- Jason Kapono, not worth every penny... for sure

10 Jazz-- When is the next game against Golden State?

11 Clippers-- Kaman, great fantasy pun . Playing great ball. Boo Ya!!

12 Pacers-- Yes, really, its the Pacers. Granger is "en fuego."

13 Knicks-- Playing better with others than Isiah and Anucha. And it shows.

14 Nuggets-- Nene=Nono

15 Bucks-- It should be very, very interesting to watch as Yi develops with this team.

16 Nets-- Welcome back, Richard Jefferson (my fantasy team thanks you).

17 Lakers-- Man, Phoenix must have been real tired after their opening, cause these guys don't look good.

18 Hawks-- Who made the deal with the devil that makes you continue to start Tyrone Lue?

19 Cavs-- Varejao is fat? With this team, he could still help.

20 Bobcats-- Who would have thought everyone BUT GW is getting hurt? Can you spell ironical?

21 Blazers-- Staying competitive, but not able to Odenize opponents yet.

22 Bulls-- Finally, that awful lack of interior scoring is catching up to them. Told you so.

23 Grizzles-- Should get much, much better as the season goes along. We swear.

24 Sixers-- Yuck. At least they play in the East, I guess.

25 Kings-- Better without Artest and Bibby? Together, yes, but they could sure use at least one of them.

26 T-Wolves-- As far as rebuilding goes, they don't really look that terrible.

27 Sonics-- At least everyone is on the same page -- Durant gets his shots! Even Wally understands.

28 Wizards-- Gil is gimpy and the defense is broke. They need some serious interior help.

29 Heat-- Don't rush back Wade, it ain't worth it.

30 Warriors-- Bad, bad, bad. They need SJax, his tattoo, and Jesus.

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