Friday, November 9, 2007

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings 11.9.07

  • Newcomers the Dinosty are putting their beloved franchise's name into perspective. I for one thing the raptors thing is cool. Yes, it's dated and kind of odd, but at least it's original.
  • Epic Carnival says something we're all thinking about Seattle. I'm pissed for Seattle, too. But you gotta back up the talk, yo!
  • Sactown Royalty has figured out the secret to the Patriots' success. Being from Northern California. Obviously no one has informed them of the Patriots' true home. Hell.
  • Basketbawful's always entertaining "Word of the Day" has a new entry, and it relates to the Mavericks "revenge" last night.
  • I tried to explain to the wife last night the genius of FreeDarko, especially it's use of imagery. She asked for examples. I couldn't even come up with one, they're so absurd/obscure. So even though everyone and their mom knows them (hi, Mom!), here's another piece of genius from a guest lecture.

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