Monday, November 12, 2007

Apparently, ESPN Doesn't Hate the Blogosphere THAT Much.

So I was looking for some juicy local content on ESPN's local feed today. I went to the bookmarked site, and ran into a snag: it had been cached.

So I went to the ESPN NBA homepage, and clicked the NBA Local link.

All of a sudden, I'm greeted with something brand new! Oh, that's cool, it's running a bunch of feeds. Nifty.

Then I saw something I didn't think I'd ever see on a Disney-owned site.

The word cock. And not in the South Carolina sense of the word.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love dick jokes as much as the next guy. And I dig Can't Stop the Bleeding. But it seemed a little hypocritical to be making money off redirecting people to sites that you have questioned the integrity of, mocked on-air, and caused financial distress for? What do you mean? Well...

I looked some more.

After shutting down the site with the human virus known as Schrutebag, ESPN is now linking to superstar bloggers, The Big Lead on the freaking NBA page.

So maybe bloggers aren't the scum of the earth after all!

Thanks, ESPN! I look forward to my future children learning about cocks getting punched on your site for years to come!

Funnily enough, Deadspin and Awful Announcing aren't on there. Huh.

Of course, the more interesting idea is to what parameters Topix is picking these up? Is it just scanning tags? Because if so, I've got some posts over on the crossdressing goat sex porno site I run on the side that need some "Tag: NBA"s, pronto!

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