Friday, November 2, 2007

The 15 Footer 11.2.07

The 15 Footer helps you find reasons to pay attention to the games of the day. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

Last night's Shootbutton Sweat King:

You know what happened, right? TMac read the 15 footer yesterday, saw that video clip of him losing it at the press conference, and snapped. For 47 freaking points. The Jazz came into this game with a ton of confidence after their opening night win, only to find out that the Rockets are considerably better than the Warriors. Yikes. Mike James threw in 15 points, 7 assists and 2 steals, and Yao had 5 blocks to go with his 11 points. But... 47 freaking points! Against a defensively bigger and more solid team! If TMac goes all John Woo's The Killer this year, they're going to be scary.

Elsewhere... we here at the HP would like to welcome our new Durantian Overlord. Durant was scary good last night, much better than last night, to the tune of 27 points. If he keeps this up, the curve on this kid is going to sharpen considerably.

Oh yeah, the Pistons beat the Heat. Here's all you need to know. The Heat shot 38%. Smush Parker was -19. Prince had 34. Pistons, good. Heat, bad.

Here's your 15 for Friday's games.

1. In the Literary Field We Call It Foreshadowing...: Wow, no more cute little matchups. Time to start getting serious, already. There are some serious games on the docket tonight: Pistons-Magic, Raptors-Nets (AKA the Vince Carter Bowl), Wizards-Celtics. No screwing around.

2. "Peace? I hate the word. As I hate hell, all New Jersey Nets, and thee." : I don't know if you've heard, but folks in Toronto don't like VC much. This one's in Jersey, but these two teams flat out don't like each other. Carter has been known to flourish in the villain role, but the Raptors are rolling at full strength, and it looks like Il Mago is turning into Gandolph over here. Plus, you know Jigga will be in the house.

3. "We meet again. And I see your Schwartz is as big as mine.": The Magic are getting a huge test early against the Pistons. This season is supposed to the Magic's huge step forward with the addition of Rashard Lewis, to go along with Big Baby Jesus. This is the Piston's last hurrah (which we've been saying for two years). This game provides a good test to see if the Pistons still have legs to keep up with the Magic, and if the Magic have the poise to overcome the veteran Pistons. Plus, this is a battle of Darko's former teams. The more you know.

4. The Bad Guys Versus the Guys that Are Bad. : Isiah begins his countdown towards termination, but he can get some heat off his back if he can put a smackdown on the scrubs LeBron's playing with (that would be the same crew of scrubs that made the Finals last year, minus Varajeo). We can go ahead and put two things on the clock with this game: Thomas being fired, and LeBron getting frustrated enough to bolt for the Brooklyn Nets in 2009.

5. It's Like Colts vs. Pats, Only 1/100,000 Of The Hype: I don't know if you've heard, but the Boston Celtics made some trades in the offseason, and they're supposed to be pretty good. The regular season debut of the GAP is tonight, and the NBA wisely scheduled them against Zero and Co. on Friday night for ESPN's show. Zero guaranteed he was going to beat the Celtics this year, though he's backed off it lately. Meanwhile, it'll be interesting to see if the impulse to shoot between KG, Allen, and Pierce causes the universe to implode. (Thanks to TrueHoop)

6. Wave To One Another As You Pass: The Heat are a bad team that made the playoffs last year and went nowhere in the offseason. The Pacers are a bad team that didn't make the playoffs last year and went nowhere in the offseason. The Pacers have a shot at going to 2-0 if they can slip past the Heat. Lose, and it's back to reality. We've just got two words for you, Mr. Riley. Mike. Dunleavy. Oh, Christ, did we just say that? Where's the gin?

7. "Andre, Mr. Deng and Mr. Thomas Will Be Staying For Dinner." : Now that the Kobe trade talks are over (for now), the Bulls can get back to the business of kicking the East's ass like they should. Billy King had one thing to do this summer. One thing. Resign Iggy. Whoops. Now it's contract year time! The Bulls need to get their rotation issued ironed out, and particularly need Tyrus Thomas to start doing things like "grabbing balls after the other team shoots" and "putting the ball into the little hole with the net hanging from it."

8. Tick...Tick...Tick...: The Suns love beating Kobe. I mean, they love it. I'm pretty sure Amare puts it on his To Do List on gameday and smiles when he gets to mark it off. Nash can smile and talk about how much he respect him, but somewhere deep down he loves beating the guy. The Lakers hung with the Rockets the other night, before, you know, reality happened. Now they have to go to Phoenix for the Suns' home opener, and it looks like the Suns woke up from their slumber in the fourth quarter of the Sonics game. Let's all watch Kobe and see if he snaps! Down in front!

9. ROY, meet Roy... err... the...uh...ROY...: Brandon Roy meets CP3 in a battle of two up and coming teams. Roy got owned on opening night by Captain LegSweep. It'll be important to see if LaMarcus Aldridge can keep up his pace from the opener. That'll make Greg Oden and his 200 year old knees feel much better.

10. The Only Thing Missing Is Keanu Reeves: Because the Clippers are all about the Replacements. No Brand, no Livingston. But HP is psyched to see the debut of Al Thornton, one of our pet rookies for the year. Plus there's aways the Yeti.

11. I Got a Fever, And The Only Prescription Is More Jianling: Yi had nine points on opening night. He also got the crap kicked out of him by Rashard Lewis and Bib Baby Jesus. He gets an easier trek tonight against the Bobcats, who are without Ammo(the NBA's Sex Cannon), and May for the year.

12. Dude Would Kick The Crap Out Of Dr. Wily: Fantasy doesn't really begin until Gerald Wallace opens up a sick stat line. Against the Bucks, he should be pretty productive. Come marvel at Crash's ability to go completely nuts for 40 minutes. Afterwards, he will absorb Yi Jianling's ability to defeat Chairs.

13. You've Got Know When To Hold 'Em: Denver and Minnesota play tonight, in a continuing theme for the early season of contenders versus up and comers (see: Blazers at Spurs, Suns at Sonics). Denver looked good on Wednesday and shouldn't have any problem with Al Jefferson and the Cap Clear All-Stars, especially with Foye done for a while with a stress fracture. Kenyon Martin had a pretty good night the other night, and he's on our list for injury comeback of the year...until he gets injured again. By the way, with Kevin Martin now really, really good, which one do we call KMart? What happens when they play? Shouldn't the five KMart's left in the world have some sort of sale that day?

14. Your Underrated Hustle Players of the Night: Just consider this the Kiss of Death. Joel Pryzbilla, David West, Thabo Sefolosha, Jose Calderon, Josh Childress, Al Thornton.

15. Here's Jane With The Weather: "Sunny!": Spurs play the Kings. Spurs will beat the Kings. Duncan with a triple double. Ginobli or Parker with 25 plus. The Spurs: Dimetapp for a new generation.

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